Walkthrough: Where You Belong - Kasumi, Acadia & DiMA

Acadia, where Kasumi is likely to be found, is a Synth Refuge on the island.

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This is the third quest in Fallout 4 Far Harbor, just after Walk in the Park. After parting ways with Longfellow (unless you ditched Valentine or kept the salty old man), you may want to search around the Synth Refuge of Acadia. There are ammo crates, harvestable plants, a shed and a truck that may have supplies. Once you"re ready to speak to the leader to continue the quest, head inside the nondescript door at the top of the stairs.

DiMA, leader of the Synth Refugees at Acadia.

The leader of Acadia - DiMA - is impossible to miss. I"ll spare story details, for many of those things are up to the player to decide and some read these just to ensure they do not miss anything. Needless to say, it"s far better if Nick is with you. DiMA does acknowledge Kasumi is at the Refuge and safe, and that you can speak with her. You can tell DiMA that you"re from the Institute, Brotherhood, or Railroad. He has interesting dialog for each and it will not get you in trouble with him, even if you threaten.

DiMA gives you quests to help the citizens of Acadia, though you can continue on the main quest. Don"t go too far, or some of these quests may become unavailable due to faction changes.

DiMA will give you a quest to help Acadian citizens, two of them, just like the Living on the Edge quest from the Captain in Far Harbor. You can get a quest from Chase, and one from Faraday.

I found this storage key by going up the stairs behind DiMA. Players who do not find it until later may need to go through Cog, the shopkeeper.

If you take the stars behind DiMA, and follow the platform all the way around the room, you can find the Acadia Storage Key sitting carelessly on a table. You can take this with you to the basement, where you meet up with Kasumi.

This Islander"s Almanac is one floor down from the main. It reduces radiation damage taken in combat by 10%.

Before locating Kasumi, I"ll point out that there is another copy of Islander"s Almanac to be found in Acadia. The "Children of Atom Expose" magazine can be found downstairs one floor from the door near the entrance. It reduces radiation damage taken by 10% - great if you happen to find yourself fighting the Children of Atom. You"ll spot a large room with a curved counter like the one pictured above. This whole place is loaded with little things like duct tape, gas cans, and other useful crafting materials so it"s worth exploring and gathering - none of it is considered stealing, at least when you are welcome by DiMA.

Cog, a vendor in a shop around the corner from that same room, sells a special piece of Recon Marine Armor with the special of reducing damage by 15% when standing and not moving. This is one of the most expensive pieces of gear I"ve ever seen, coming in at 19,000 caps for my character who has ~6 Charisma. The thought of owning a full set of these bad boys has me seriously reconsidering my omission of the Cap Collector perk, which will help with sell prices to make money, and buy prices being reduced.

Don"t bother asking Nick Valentine to hack a Master terminal. He only goes up to Expert. If you can get in, there is a nice reward.

After exploring these options, you can head to the basement to meet Kasumi. You may want to check out 2 points of interest here: the storage room, for which you should have a key, and the master-level locked door (both lockpick and hacking). If you cannot get into this one, it"s worth revisiting one day for the large quantity of ammo, couple weapons, and some drugs that can be found inside.

Kasumi has a conspiracy theory, and its a frightening one.

Now that we"ve looted the place it"s a good time to knock the last thing off the list - talking to Kasumi. She reveals there"s more to DiMA and this island than meets the eye, and wants you to eavesdrop on a meeting between Chase, Faraday, and DiMA. With the storage room key you got from above, you can do this easily, but there are other options: hack the terminal, confront DiMA (medium speech checks - save scrape, have a beer and wear a nice suit and hat) or eavesdrop on the meeting.

Should you confront DiMA directly, or try to be a sneak? Here are your options for handling Kasumi"s accusations and finding out what"s happening in DiMA"s Synth brain.

How to Deal with DiMA: Minor Spoilers without Plot DetailsLet"s look at the options for dealing with DiMA and Kasumi"s accusations:

Confront DiMA - If you fail speech checks, you can just try one of the other options. If you PASS speech checks, you can get in on the info and learn of the maniacal leader of the Children of Atom and his plans. Kasumi is reportedly wrong about DiMA and he wants to protect Far Harbor.Storage Room - Getting the storage room key was mentioned early in this walkthrough. Go to the glass that looks into the master-locked room and press a button to wait and eavesdrop on the meeting. You will learn the same info as from confronting DiMA, however you can now avoid speech checks and talk to him directly and offer to help. Talking to him is optional, however.Hack Faraday"s Master Terminal - Hack one of the conspirators" master-level terminal, located on the first floor, then download Faraday"s Program and take it to Kasumi. This is a more covert way of approaching it without DiMA even knowing, and completes the quest.

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No matter what way you do this, you"re going to learn about DiMA"s old memories and the risk they pose to the island if they get into the hands of High Confessor Tektus, leader of the Children of Atom. We do not know if DiMA is really good, nor what is in his memories from 100 years ago. Afterward, you"ll then need to get Faraday"s Program. You can do this by talking to DiMA or hacking Faraday"s master level terminal on the first floor.

Follow the last steps to complete this quest and move on to the next. DiMA implores you not to assault the Children of Atom at the Nucleus directly, but rather pose as a recruit in order to maintain peace. It"s possible you can start a war on this island, but it"s too early for me to know!