Charisma Bobblehead and Lorenzo"s Artifact Gun

You may satisfy Edward Deegan at the pub in Bunker Hill. There you can gain a quest dubbed "Special Delivery" to start the Cabot search line.

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The mystery of Cabot residence Quest chain is just one of the much more interesting side searches in fallout 4. Completing this chain have the right to net you a Charisma Bobblehead, in addition to a great radiation weapon known as Lorenzo"s Artifact, i beg your pardon excels at killing humans. Start this search by heading to Bunker Hill, pictured above. Top top one an ext more trips there, friend should accomplish a guy named Edward Deegan in the bar in the back. He"ll offer you a quest called "Special Delivery". If you have actually this, you"re ~ above your method to doing this chain already. Cabot house will be significant on her map.

Edward Deegan is the guy you desire to meet.

Quest: distinct Delivery


Venture come Cabot residence (tell the human manning the intercom you"re expected), where you"ll meet Jack Cabot and also listen come his interesting theories. You"ll it is in instructed to travel to Parsons State Insane Asylum and also meet up with the head the the safety there, in bespeak to aid locate a lacking package. Prior to you leave, head to the maximum floor bedrooms where you can discover a Massachusetts Surgical journal lying top top a dresser.

Parsons State Insane Asylum

The Bobblehead we want is within this Asylum, yet we can"t obtain to it until the last stage the this quest. Meet up through the guard Captain, Maria. She"ll tell you they understand where the package Cabot desires is - of food it"s being hosted by some Raiders.

I just encountered a pair of Raiders below - an extremely simple.

Take out the couple of Raiders at the Parsons Creamery, climate it"s off to Cabot residence to continue the chain. Give Deegan the Serum and he"ll throw in part extra caps together a price - you have the right to of food lie, yet

Quest: Emogene bring away a Lover

Charles watch Amphitheater is simply Southwest of Cabot House. If you"d like to discover a bit more, an initial head come Goodneighbor.

You have the right to optionally go to Goodneighbor and also The third Rail there to questioning around around Emogene, or you have the right to go straight to Charles watch Amphitheater, mapped above. It"s not far from Cabot House and also skips a step.

Brother cutting board of Pillars the the Community. Swollen guy.

You more than likely won"t desire to offer Brother thomas - the guy you look for - all her possessions. Manage him exactly how you will, yet at least seem interested therefore he bring away you come his office. If you happen a decided check, you have the right to threaten him out of this nonsense. For world who wonder, there is no suggest to joining - he simply tells you to obtain out of his office after taking your gear and also leaving friend naked, forcing you to kill him bare handed. Emogene is locked in the earlier room the his office, so girlfriend don"t have actually much choice.

Get the crucial off his corpse or pick the door for XP, then talk to Emogene. Might too loot the Amphitheater before you head earlier to Cabot House. There"s a mini-nuke in the key area the the amphitheater and some various other valuables.

At the Cabot House, you can learn a bit an ext about the Serum and the family. You"ll acquire a search to head earlier to the Parsons State Insane Asylum.

The an enig of Cabot House

Returning come Parson"s State Insane Asylum v Jack Cabot

Return to the Asylum. Come right here prepared for a fight, though no one as negative as it"s made out to it is in - they"re just Raiders, after all. The most vital loot right here are a few samples that the Serum, i m sorry you can take for yourself, in addition to the Charisma Bobblehead in Jack"s office. Once you acquire to the end, discover a Massachusetts Surgical newspaper in Lorenzo Cabot"s Cell. A Syringer have the right to be found if you find it thoroughly, and also I uncovered a Raider through a Deathclaw Gauntlet (melee weapon).

Generally easy raiders, you might bump right into a few that room Legendary - they to be still rapid kills.

Cabot will certainly lead the way, yet don"t let him sirloin you. He"ll wait if you lag behind, and there"s no timer. There room some next rooms that have some supplies you might need, together with a few locks come pick. Cabot handles self pretty well, I have to say.

This quest is the only way to obtain to the desk where you find the Charisma Bobblehead. Gain your boosted speech checks and prices.

Once in Cabot"s office, grab the Charisma Bobblehead. Outside this office in a filing cabinet girlfriend can discover a Cell vital that may come in handy because that you later.

WTF, a human body slam!? age has the Perks

Anyway, when the room complete of Raiders is cleared, you"ll walk to an unused wing of the Asylum and also be ~ above your way to Lorenzo.

Find the Syringer Rifle in the last room on the left. Check others for medicine or medicine that might be that use.

When you reach this hall, get in the last room on the left (Jack goes right) to discover a Syringer Rifle, i m sorry you deserve to craft ammo for at the Chemistry Station. Various other rooms have loot as well, so search if girlfriend like. Fight with the halls, then lastly board the elevator through Cabot.

Of course there were more Raiders in the basement. This one didn"t acquire a chance to rotate around. I love this game.

You"re instructed to kill every Raider you check out (duh..) and also finally fulfill Lorenzo, who"s interesting to say the least. Honestly, you"re going to have a difficult decision on her hands now.

Should you kill or relax Lorenzo?
Get the Massachusetts Surgical newspaper Inside Lorenzo"s Chamber when you"ve preferred to free or death Lorenzo Cabot based on the outcomes below.

There are numerous alternatives and routes to completing this quest, however two key outcomes that advantage a player. Do keep in mind there room a couple of Serums come be uncovered in the area roughly Lorenzo"s cell:

Killing Lorenzo is most likely the appropriate thing to do, but if friend roleplay an evil character you may want to totally free him!

Do together Cabot states - kill LorenzoKilling Lorenzo results in a "proper" finish to this quest, ns suppose. Once Jack instructs friend to, flip all four of the switches in the room outside Lorenzo"s chamber. He"ll be killed, and you"ll get to speak to Jack. Push the switch to open the door first and piece the guy naked while acquisition his pork and beans/medical journal - too negative you can"t take it the helmet. Anyway, be hopeful to Jack and get a far better reward.

After a main in-game, you"ll be offered the Lorenzo"s Artifact gun when you visit Jack (likely ago at the Insane Aslyum) - a special modification to a gamma gun, i beg your pardon doesn"t deal actual radiation damage in the usual type but quite knocks enemies back (its unique modifier) while dealing direct damage. The weapon have the right to be modification to deal radiation damages directly, however loses its huge knockback - so friend made the a gamma gun. That does shine versus humans (OK it"s novelty, it works on humans), but is useless versus most everything else.

Freeing Lorenzo and siding v him, while death the other Cabots will give you unlimited accessibility to the mysterious Serum.

Should you Betray Jack and free Lorenzo Cabot?Releasing and siding v Lorenzo will most likely require girlfriend to death the entire Cabot family, other than Lorenzo. Speak to him after you press the button next to his cell, and also ask about a reward. Girlfriend won"t get the gun, and will go back to the manse to death the family and spare Lorenzo. Probably the Cabots have actually lived also long, however Lorenzo does seem the psychopath the is explained to be.

Your price for freeing Lorenzo is a life time supply that the Serum. Every time you run out, Lorenzo will provide another because that you - one in ~ a time. Annoying. What the does is cure radiation over time (like, one hour) while likewise boosting strength by 5. Football player who are melee might be really interested in this option. Additionally, friend can discover a Zeta pistol on Jack Cabot"s corpse - a crappy version of a typical Gamma Gun, which you have the right to modify ago to normal. For this reason the true distinctive weapon here is Lorenzo"s Artifact.

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I took the an initial route (Kill Lorenzo) and also actually later found a Zeta Gun sitting on Jack"s table in the lab. Completionists may like this, and should examine to watch if it"s accessible to them, together well.