Exploring Acadia¶

There’s a couple of things to watch in Acadia, so why not explore the ar properly and also pick up some new quests if you’re here? indigenous Kasumi top top the third level, let’s gain to exploring. There’s a bunch of prey here, however the ideal cache is come the north, in the room close to (west of) the warehouse room. Head inside and hack a Terminal beyond which is another storage room full of loot, including four Ammo Boxes, a Duffle Bag, an Explosives Box, 3 Mini Nukes and a steamship Trunk.

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As good as that loot is, there’s little else to view on this level as of yet, so head upstairs and talk to Cog, that you deserve to trade v if friend want. He’s a general store merchant, and sells friend a small bit the everything, regardless of his continuous whining the he has nothing that interest. In fact, he’s additionally got a legend “Recon marine Chest Piece” that grants the capacity “Reduces damages while standing and also not moving by 15%”.

There’s likewise Dejen walking around here, who’ll sell you arms, armor and ammo, including a legendary Two-Shot Lever activity Rifle, “Old Reliable” saves you the trouble of hunting for one, right? He likewise sells “Sergeant Ash” , a Flamer that has a “20% possibility to cripple the target’s leg.”

There space several called Synths wandering approximately here, however most of lock are completely uninteresting, save Aster, who acts together the town’s doctor… or would certainly that it is in mechanic? Whatever, sell to help her and also she’ll provide you the extremely trivial task of collecting Aster plants, for which she’ll price you with a paltry amount of Caps.

Now head as much as the an initial floor, whereby all the important Synths dwell. Talk to Chase and also she’ll compliment you, call you about her job, and make a veiled threat. Pass a center speech inspect “How carry out you discover them?” to discover a bit around how she operates, and also exactly what kind of Synth she is. Sell to help and she’ll phone call you come go in search of a Synth who failed to come at Acadia, staring the pursuit “The Arrival” .

Next talk to ol’ big-eared Faraday and also he’ll babble about how much work that does, law his ideal to do the impression that he’s the just thing maintaining DiMA, far Harbor and Acadia operational. Pry his data banks for information, then market to help him, too, and he’ll phone call you about some hardware that failed to arrive. No, not an additional synth. Happen the center speech inspect “What happened?” come learn more details (or at least discover that Faraday doesn’t have a clue) climate ask for money (you have the right to talk him approximately 200, 300 and also finally 400 if you deserve to pass one easy, moderate and hard speech inspect accordingly) prior to agreeing and also subsequently beginning the pursuit “Data Recovery” .

The Arrival¶

Like chase mentioned, your very first step in locating the Synth is to head for far Harbor and talk come Brooks, the general store guy. Go talk to him and he will certainly feign ignorance, however tell that his designation number favor Chase provided you and also he’ll play follow me quickly. Great robot! Remember that your master are! Anyways, transforms out our synth flew the coop quickly after arriving. After ~ meeting v Brooks, that ran the end of town, right into the fog, last checked out heading south…

Well, the isn’t lot to walk on, for this reason let’s head the end south and also start looking for him. Continue south past “Beaver Creek Lanes” and also follow the path previous a Red Rocket terminal (which looks like someone is structure a motorcycle in) and then approximately a residence to the south where the marker is. Here, study the bloodstain on the floor to acquire some much more markers informing you to monitor a blood trail. Carry out so and also follow the blood down the roadway southeast. The is smattered out and also sporadic, however the markers overview you to where you must go. Monitor it come a residence on the edge of a cliff and enter. You’ll it is in told by some (amazingly non-violent Trappers) that they aren’t about to let good meat get away. Yeah, it seems the negative Synth was eaten by cannibals. Look favor synths are good for something, after all!

There is a moderate speech inspect you deserve to pass right here if you wish (may also since it is some totally free XP), but the Trappers will offer you the “Missing Synth’s Head” as an item since you were tracking him and tell you to leave them be… Hah, yeah right… you understand what come do. Take out all three trappers here to avenge our unknown Synth Refugee. Keep in mind that the poor synth’s head wasn’t tape-recorded up in the important items list up above. Don’t desire to spoil points for you front of time! You’re welcome.

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Head back to Chase and also let her know what happened. She seems to have actually seen this type of point before, however still she’ll offer you a prize here. She start out v 200 Caps, yet you can up this come 250, 300 or 400 hat if you deserve to pass an easy, moderate and also hard skill checks respectively. You also get a leveled rifle below (nothing unique), yet a complimentary weapon… well, it’s still something.