The world of fallout 76 is a attention place. There’s other players, vicious robots and also even a brand-new hyper-intelligent race of ghouls to compete with. Here’s exactly how to make sure you continue to be alive.

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If you’re spring to develop some the the higher level armor in Fallout 76, you’ll have to track down rarer resources. One of these resources is called Ballistic Fiber. Ballistic Fiber is used for make a range of things consisting of metal armor, few of the much better weapon mods, and details building components. You’ll most likely run into it when upgrading your armor, and it is unlikely the you’ll have actually amassed enough of that in her travels for this reason far. To assist you out, and also give you accessibility to few of the better crafting choices in autumn 76, we’ve put together this autumn 76 Ballistic Fiber areas Guide. We’ll call you precisely where you deserve to pick increase Ballistic Fiber quickly and easily. We’ll also take a watch at part farming areas for autumn 76 Ballistic Fiber, so the you can collect as much as possible, as easily as possible.

For an ext on autumn 76, be sure to visit our autumn 76 guides Hub. It’s full of useful info on fallout 76, from a look at the best weapons to a detailed malfunction of every strength Armor location in autumn 76.

Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Locations

Ballistic Fiber is a reasonably rare source that deserve to be found in autumn 76. You’ll very rarely discover it in particular caches and loot piles, but generally you’ll require to acquire it by scrapping certain items. The reason you’re walking to require Ballistic Fiber is due to the fact that it is provided to craft and also repair a lot of the greater level armor in fallout 76. You most likely won"t collect much by simply completing quests and exploring, therefore you’ll must seek it the end if you desire to build out her armor. There are a couple of ways friend can obtain Ballistic Fiber in autumn 76, i beg your pardon we’ll sheathe below:

Fort DefianceCamp McClintockWatoga civic CenterClancy ManorThe Thorn

Where have the right to You acquire Ballistic Fiber in autumn 76

Very rarely, you’ll be awarded Ballistic Fiber for completing quests. Friend can likewise pick it up as soon as taking over Workshops. Much an ext likely is that you’ll have to scrap certain items to obtain Ballistic Fiber, including the following:

Military class Duct ice cream - you’ll get 2 Ballistic Fiber for scrapping army Grade Duct Tape.Piezonucleic Liner - lot less common is the piezonucleic liner. You’ll likewise get 2 Ballistic Fiber because that scrapping each one.Military Ammo Bags - The easiest means to get Ballistic Fiber is to scrap military Ammo Bags.

Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Locations

So currently you recognize the items that you can get Ballistic Fiber indigenous in fallout 76, let’s take it a look at at wherein you have to head on the map to obtain Military Ammo Bags.

Fort Defiance - conveniently the finest place to acquire Ballistic Fiber by collecting military Ammo Bags. It’s situated to the south West in the Cranberry Bog area. Looting this area will net 10 bags, which functions out at 20 Ballistic Fiber.Camp McClintock - this area is located to the southwest of the woodland region. Again, you’ll find a bunch of army Ammo Bags i beg your pardon you deserve to scrap into Ballistic Fiber.Watoga Civic center - you’ll discover both army Ammo Bags and Military grade Duct ice cream in this area, situated at the facility of Cranberry Bog.Clancy Manor - this area is north of Vault 76 and has both military Ammo Bags and Duct Tape.The mandrel - in the northwestern area of Cranberry Bog

You Can obtain Ballistic Fiber From power Armor Chassis

Another an excellent way to acquire Ballistic Fiber in fallout 76 is to scrap the strength Armor Chassis that you find while out exploring. You’ll get between 1-5 Ballistic Fiber every scrap, and you can basically just server hop to examine the same Power Armor locations. Because that a watch at part Power Armor locations, head end to our fallout 76 strength Armor places Guide.


Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Farming

The fastest means to collection Ballistic Fiber in autumn 76 is walking to it is in hopping in between military locations. We’ve listed some of them above, so just head to every one and also then server hop when you’ve built up all that the military Ammo Bags and Military grade Duct Tape.

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