'Duck Dynasty' stars Willie, Korie, Sadie, Rebecca, and John Luke Robertson appear on ABC's 'Celebrity family members Feud' organized by TV show host Steve Harvey. (ABC)

"Duck Dynasty" stars Willie and also Korie Robertson and also their youngsters Rebecca, Sadie and also John Luke newly made a hilarious appearance on "Celebrity family Feud" in a bid come raise money for charity.

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In the "Celebrity household Feud" episode which aired critical Sunday, the Robertson challenged off against Katy Mixon, an actress finest known for functions as Victoria ~ above "Mike & Molly" and also April Buchanan ~ above "Eastbound & Down," and several members of she family.

During Sunday's episode, "Feud" hold Steve Harvey asks: "Hey Sadie, C'mon now, if they do a sexy perfume because that female dog what could it smell like?"

She replied, "a fire hydrant?" bring about everyone in the audience, including her family, come erupt in laughter.

"I'm nervous," she explained.

Rebecca Robertson also tried she hand at answering the question, stating, "Laundry detergent?" once again illustration laughs from the audience.

Later, Korie also offered a surprising answer come Harvey: in solution to the question, "name other of your wife's you could be stop in your hand?" the "Duck" matriarch replied, "boob?" illustration laughter from the audience.

In enhancement to laughs, Willie Robertson attracted "awws" native the audience as soon as he answered "her heart" in solution to Harvey's inquiry to "name something of her wife's you hold in your hand."

"Celebrity family Feud" is a spin-off of the American game present "Family Feud," which attributes two families completing to effectively guess the most famous responses to inspection questions.



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Although the Robertsons shed to the Mixons, a good time was had actually by all. After the show aired on Sunday, Rebecca tweeted, "It's a win win! At least we got some laughs..and many thanks familyfeudabc because that still donating to ."


Korie also took to Twitter to poke funny at herself, writing "This game's harder than it looks!"

In addition to having fun, the Robertson household alo won an superior $5,000 for Shreveport's Hub: metropolitan Ministry.

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According come the organization's website, The Hub "exists to walk those in poverty with a process that provides them hope, friendship, community, a location they belong and the skills needed to come to be self-sufficient, which bring them value and also worth." It supplies an earning based method to ministry to "teach the value of difficult work, participation and being hosted accountable."

"We associated with the Robertson household over a common desire come fight for people in poverty and trafficking in our state. They love what us do and also decided to assistance us," Cassie Hammett, the founder and also director the The Hub called the Shreveport Times. "The Robertson household wants to readjust the world and also we love the they use their platform to fight because that those no one ever fights for."

"Duck Dynasty" airs ~ above Wednesday nights top top A&E and also "Celebrity family Feud" airs Sunday nights ~ above ABC.