$grunt -vgrunt-cli: The grunt command line interface (v1.2.0)Fatal error: can not to discover local grunt.If you"re see this message, grunt hasn"t been installed locally toyour project. For more information about installing and configuring grunt,please watch the gaining Started guide:http://gruntjs.com/getting-startedMore details:

$ which grunt/usr/bin/grunt


I recognize this is an old post, however I thought I"d paste and also explain a details quote native the Grunt documentation because that anyone running right into this misconception/issue.

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Each time "grunt" is run, it looks for a locally installed Grunt making use of node"s require() system. due to the fact that of this, you deserve to run grunt from any kind of subfolder in her project.

Source here.

Yes, even though the CLI was installed using the -g flag, grunt-cli needs a Gruntfile.(either .js or .coffee), even to run regulates utility regulates like -v or --help


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