There's no denying that superstar singer Jenni Rivera had actually an amazing life. Yet it was likewise full that tragedy, together longtime fans know.

Long before her untimely passing via a airplane crash, Jenni had actually plenty that heartaches. Despite she constantly found joy in raising her children, she love life wasn't precisely ideal.

Throughout she lifetime, Jenni had actually three marriages, no one of which ended well. One ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, was convicted of assault not just on Jenni's younger sister, but additionally two that Jenni's daughters (including among his own).

Jenni also accused among her exes (Esteban Loaiza, who she was married to yet separated native at the moment of her passing) of having actually a partnership with she daughter Chiquis.

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if those accusations it seems ~ to have bled over into Jenni's legacy, as her household seemingly suggests over the so late singer's estate, there's one glowing spot for fans who miss out on the singer: her boyfriend Fernando Ramirez.

that Was Jenni's Boyfriend as soon as She Died?

though Jenni continued to be married to Esteban Loaiza at the time of her passing, the two had actually separated months earlier. They had formally filed for divorce, as well, yet it turned the end there wasn't time because that court proceedings.

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despite the depth that Jenni's Wikipedia entries, though, not lot is known around who she to be dating once she died.

of course, Jenni's committed fans, friends, and family knew who she was affiliated with and also apparently wholeheartedly approved. As it transforms out, Jenni and also Fernando Ramirez had a long background of off-and-on date that covered multiple marital relationships of Jenni's.

What occurred To Jenni Rivera and also Fernando Ramirez?

Looking back at Jenni Rivera's troubled marriages, it's bittersweet the she left behind the one human being that fans think about her true love.

Jenni was an initial married in 1984 to Jose Trinidad Marin, who she divorced in 1992. Climate she to be married to Juan Lopez from 1997 to 2003. Finally, she married Esteban Loaiza in 2010 yet was estranged indigenous him as of 2012 as soon as she pass away.

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and yet, Fernando Ramirez -- AKA Fernie -- claims that Jenni was his heart mate. The two dated off and also on for more than a decade, resources confirm, despite Ramirez notes they were certainly not with each other at any allude while Jenni to be married (or in ~ least, married and not officially separated).

various other sources imply that Fernie and also Jenni just dated between 2002 and also 2007, yet the timelines are apparently up for dispute at this point. The course, that's not the just report that's increase for translate these days.

Is Fernie Ramirez tho Alive?

Ramirez, who also goes by the name El Pelon, has actually apparently to be the subject of false death reports in current months. The reality is, it's daunting to track down information around Fernie, specifically as the critical interview he seems to have provided was in 2019.