Fire In My Soul, Lifted By The Sunshine High On Life, We Gonna Have A Good Time..

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Marky Mark - Gonna have actually a great time

Darcelle tell em what we gonna do!We gonna have a good time Sisters and also Brothers (Brothers and Sisters) We gonna have a good time Sisters and also Brothers (What we gonna do) We gonna have a good timeBrothers and also Sisters let"s dismiss that negative vibe and also realizewe"re

Bonnie Tyler - Fire in my heart

I was so in love...Then you damaged my heartI"ll never before understand also...The rules of loveYou sassist to me...True love never dies...You sassist to meNow I"m resting with a memory, yeah!Tbelow is a fire in my soulBurning don"t you knowCan you hear it on the radioFire in my soulOut

4 Strings - High on life

time I cshed my eyes, I watch it.The means you occupy my mind. I need itGot addicted to that smile, I feel it.You gained to recognize what"s on my mind, read it.I feel so high, high on lifeI watch heaven in your eyesHigh on lifeDon"t you waste your timeWherever you

Hey - Fire of my heart

in the bar last nighti was sitting and also up comes a guywho told me he could examine the heartof anyone who wanted to trydo you wish that life could kill youlook prefer and feel prefer homicidefire in my soul will certainly save youtell them your salvation ha

Miles Kane - Fire in my heart

out of controlOn my means earlier homeNow the night is doneAnd the day is to comeNear sufficient to the truthI believe it"s living proofWhat"s left to sayAbout the games civilization playWhat else have the right to a poor boy doTo live his whole life reckmuch less and blue?And illusio

Lita Ford - Fire in my heart

s simply one more nightI stare at a starI think about, I wonder just how you areI cannot escape youNo, I can"t put out the fire in my heartI don"t feel shy, I"m not aloneBut you"re captured in my dreams, that"s the means it seemsNo matter just how I try, I just can"t p

B.a.p. - Good time

no hari dare nimo tomerarenaiDakara hitotsu kawaranai mono sagashiteAruite iku n da kawaribae no shinaiMainichi ga kagayakidasu made Oh yeahU-U-Uh ListenKawatteku machinami wo tashikameru you ni Walk down "Kimi wa kitto..."NOIZU to machi no zattou HEDDO FON

Flipsyde - High on life

m high (so high), On life on lifeI"m high (so high), On life on lifeEverytime I"m feelin" so blue I obtain you in it,Then my skys readjust from grey to blue, uh huh, you did it.So i"ll keep you by me and I"ll let you stayLong as you keep makin" me feel like a summe

Dj Encore Feat Angelina - High on life

wanna feel your touchyou understand it"s easierif we gettin" closerI"m not asking for also muchI just obtain this feelin"over and over"reason it"s simply youthat I seenopoint but youI feel so freeI just obtain this feelin"over and overyou make me feel high

Martin Garrix - High on life (feat. bonn)

ve killed the demons of my mindEver since you came aroundWe are braver, running wildHow could I have been so blind?I simply live a rapid lifeForget about the previous timeI"m approximately escape my feelsAnd friendships only passed byThe display and calling stro

Alabama - Gonna have actually a party

have a party, a rockin" bit jamboreeGonna have a party, come on along with meGonna have a good time, everybody"s feelin" rightGonna have a party a week from Saturday night.Well, Thought I"d contact you beforehand, make certain that you knowThere"s gonna be a party and I"d love for

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Have a good time

a good time, yeahHave a good time, yeahHave a good time, yeahHave a good time, yeahWho said this party"s over?When I feel prefer my fun has just begunTogether we will certainly raise this roof and also partyAnd have a good time, yeahHave a good time, oh yeahAll we require is some funky m

Demon Hunter - Fire to my soul

flow with bitter words that file sharp our teethAnd we bite off our own tonguesWe trample any map of your divinity"s hopeAnd we sacrifice our youngWith our eyes sewn shut currently the light can not shineOh, we"ll never wake from deadAnd once you

Deflemelted - Fire in the spirit

by a tearing feelingthat grows internallyprefer the itching of healing rips inside of meIt"s burning holesIt is the fire in my soulBurning holesI am the firesoulMy strenghts exceeds compared as soon as youngerI"m thrust by abnormal hunger -extreme thirstEventhough it fe

Everlast - Soul music

You came right into my life) (I"do not have to wonder no even more, I can feel it all in my soul It"s Soul Music (It"s deep dvery own in my soul) Feel the burn I can view I acquired a good structure deep dvery own in my soul (It"s deep dvery own in my soul) It"s Soul Music I fee

Jon B - In also deep

you all set for loveOhh girlI don"t know what you been throughCan"t imagine the pain booWhatever it isIt"s everywhere nowWas it waves crashin" overLike the sand on a shoreI gained so close to someoneAs with you however I had to let them goCause your heart is wa

Paul Simon - Have a good time

it was my birthdayI hung an additional year on the lineI have to be depressedMy life"s a messBut I"m having actually a good timeOo, I"ve been loving and also loving and also lovingI"m tired from loving so wellI must go to bedBut a voice in my headSays: ""Ah, what the hell!""Have

Dark Moor - A music in my soul

break down simply thinking on dark swenables, I"ve not stamina enough to fly ameans, so I can look choose a boy that complies with, staggering, a serpentine long method. When my anguish is ending up being bigger; just loneliness is my true frifinish, then the shado

Guano Apes - Fire in your eyes

you tright here,How are you doing?Can I ask you something?Are you dead or alive?I see you running through the nightAnd prefer constantly you eat and also you are watching TVYou do not look that good or is somepoint wrong with me?I cannot wait until you operateNow you hi

Fireflight - Fire in my eyes

solid cause I"ve finallyGot my feet on the ground nowYou rescued me via gravityI was upside down(down)I"ve got a fire in my eyesI"m burning brighter than the sunlightYou orchestrated my escapeNow I"m awakeI feel alive for the firs

Huntress - Fire in my heart

runs all via my blood, oh yeahTrouble owns all my bones, yeah, obtained it badOoo, can’t you view the fire resides in me?Gonna mainline rage right into your veinsI’m gonna offer you a lethal dose of painCome on and get itScorching the nightOoo, you wanna get li

Kaiser Chiefs - Hole in my soul

up the bandGive yourselves a good huge handAnd all together nowAll together currently, strike up the bandBring down the houseOnce more via feeling nowI"ll try to make it countIt"s all for you so take a bowAnd everybody provided upUntil we start from the

Morhotronic - Fire in my heart

i touch you tright here, deserve to you touch me everywhereCan i touch you thereCan i touch you there, have the right to you touch me everywhereCan i touch you thereYou addicted child of god, Talk to me babeOh Yes!Can i touch you there, deserve to you touch me everywhereFire In my heartCan

Segment - Fire in my head

my head thoughts are running forth and backyet I can’t catch anyIn my head is acquiring pretty crowded as in old wardrobe so fullI have mess in my head what I can dowhatever to job-related that what the hell Almany can’t breatheI should bow my backSo heavyI

Almost Kings - Fire in my head

I let you view a side of meAnd now there"s a fire in my headCan"t calm it dvery own or put it outI guess it"s the method it"s supposed to beVerse 1:Now I"m a victim of my very own incarcerationTreated choose a criminal however additionally prefer a patientCan"t endure one evalua

Mors Principium Est - In my words by Ville Viljanen and also Jori Haukio>Everyday comes a timeas soon as I feel my arm is brokenthe ink from my pen has actually ran outI take one more penI start to from the beginningI start from the endI close the covers of this bookThe story tells my namean

The Beach Boys - The change

out the chick through the brand-new dress on(Wearin" a change and also it looks real fine)The speak to it a shift and it comes on strong(Wearin" a transition and also it looks genuine fine)When she"s gained it on, well she can"t do no wrong(Wearin" a change, wearin" a shift)You may think a dress can

Simple Plan - Fire in my heart

betcha didn"t understand You started up a chain reactionI experienced no intention on your face.It must have been some kind of chemical attractionI felt a sparkIt left a mark I can not erase(I can not erase)It"s prefer... (oh, oh)Somepoint like a bolt of l

Iryne Rock - Fire in my veins

weight of the cross comes earlier to meComes back to meMy sins alone lay heavy on your shouldersBut daily I conveniently forgetAnd I go ago to sinGo ago to sinGo ago to sinTake me previous the emotionsTake me to a higher placeWright here I choose to be holyWbelow I f

M People - Love is in my soul

human being have the right to beat me babsence "n" blueIt deserve to hurt so much it"s simply not true.Down and out and dvery own at heelBut it sure can"t adjust the method I feel.I feel a toughness so deep withinA love to wash amethod the sin.Like the sound of the sea deep within a shellTo make your heaven w

Fleurie - Fire in my bones

in my bones quakes, bfinishing yet it won’t breakStaging a revolting, quite as its joltingSingular in motion, fighting however I’m frozenShaking and its shifting, falling as I’m liftingAir you breathe, start to seeA bbest light tunnel and a blue kite floating

Queens Of The Stone Age - In my head

s the cruelest joke to playI"m so high, i run in placeOnly a line, we separate, soI save on playing our favorite songI revolve it up while you"re goneIt"s all i got as soon as you"re in my head and you"re in my head so i need itYou"re the only

Dead By April - In my arms

look downDont look backI am alongside you Cshed your eyes, recognize Im hereI understand its hard to let go, all that specifies youYou feel choose you never be entirety againWe will certainly discover the means,to erase the pastStay through me, continue to be via me!In my arms, you"ll be fine, I never before le

Neil Sedaka - We kiss in a shadow (initially by the king a..

kiss in a shadowWe hide from the moonOur meetings are fewAnd over too soonWe soptimal in a whisperAfraid to be heardWhen world are nearWe soptimal not a wordAlone in our secretTogether we sighFor one smiling day to be freeTo kiss in the sunlightAnd say to the sky

Anita Bryant - In my little corner of the civilization

in addition to me,To my little bit edge of the civilization,And dream a bit dream,In my bit corner of the world.Tonight my love,We"ll share a sweet adopt,We"ll soon forget,There"s any type of other location.(chorus)And if you care to remain,In my bit corner

The Script - Hail rain or sunshine

re late to bedWe"re beforehand to riseWipe the sleep from our eyesWe head to workWe catch a liftWe have a smokeCan we begin this shift?We open up up, we start to wakeMaybe it"s gonna be our daysAnd unexpectedly we start to smileThe sunlight is out for a while

Ricki-lee Coulter - Sunshine

a minute more, prior to you rollI acquired plans for us, assumed you should knowWait a minute more, prior to you leavePromise you always comin" back to meCoz I"ve had visions in my headFrom the incredibly initially day that we ever metEverythin" that I"ve been waiting for

Avicii - Sunshine (ft. david guetta)

a minute even more prior to you rolli obtained plans for us assumed you should knowwait a minute even more prior to you leavepromise you"re constantly coming back to me"reason i"ve had actually visions in my headfrom the extremely initially day that we ever metevery little thing that i"ve bee

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band also - High institution yearbook

think about your high school friendsAll the children that you knew earlier whenIf you"d pass"em on the street todayYou simply might view they"ve gone a various wayLovely Linda was a friend of mineDressed to kill she always looked certain fineWe all believed she was a star back then

Dragonforce - The flame of youth

your eyes, hear the thunder and also rain.Fear inside of the torturing pain.For the cries of the world and also the last resides reprimary.Chain your heart, swear to the for their gain.Deep inside gradually fading away.And the last breath stays, and also the fear transforms to rage!Locked in

Girl On Fire - The takedvery own

this damaged worldIt"s obtaining difficult to breatheTime to take controlWe"re not gonna let goOpen up your eyes Let the truth sink inBattle for our livesWelinvolved the warzoneWe are not afrassist to bleedAwake the toughness insideShadows come to lifeWe"r

Mis-teeq - My song

on, yeah, Mis-Teeq Productions, y"allCome on, come on, yeahIt"s Friday, I"m feeling that I want no partySo contact up my friends and come on everybodyGonna make it tight, gonna make it alrightHowever you want it I"m certain that we obtained itSo don"t be af

Neil Sedaka - Good time man

ll display you the stars in heaven, We"ll look at the moon over. Though I"m a silly dreamer, you better stick through me. The finest points in life are cost-free, And I"m gonna be your good time male. I"ll be your good time guy. No diamonds from Cartier, No shopping spree ev

Jyj - Be my girl

wanna hurt nobodyThis is a song for youSkippin all the afterpartiesGirl I’m goin home through youDon’t even think around itYou gon feel what we gon doCause we’ll be falling in loveall night longSaid I recognize she wanna be mineShe should understand that I have the right to ple

Meat Loaf - Runnin" for the red light (i gotta life)

than a mad man and bored to the coreMinute hand also crawling, can"t take it anymoreFuture"s up the highmethod, I gotta acquire awayGonna take a bit expedition and find a Tijuana strayI gained the time to take itI gained the balls to break itGotta car that"ll make itSouth of the b

Big Time Rush - Big night

s gonna be a big huge substantial significant big huge night,one, two, three my boys and girlswe gonna party prefer its the finish of the worldlets obtain it started (Hey!)started (Hey!)began (Hey!)whoa ohwaitin on weekends its friday nightwe gonna obtain dres

Jessie J - We do not play approximately feat. dizzee rascal

no mistakes as soon as brand-new go, we go hardWe don"t play aroundWe don"t play around5AM screaming louder than rockstarsWe do not play roughly noWe don"t play roughly noI"m the one to tell you exactly how to have a good timeI wanna present you just how a goods time look

Ricdifficult Smalltimber - In this residence

1:Why don"t you come on in this house?Why don"t you come on in this house?Why don"t you come on in this house;come on in this home of the Lord,home of the Lord.Verse 2:We"re gonna have a good time,come on in this house.We"re gonna have a good time,come on

Danger Danger - Good time

are hard and also we ain"t obtained muchDon"t sit about and also fake it (fake it)They say we can"t carry out this and we can"t carry out thatWell, I ain"t gonna take it (take it)I"m not givin" in, I ain"t givin" upNobody tells me exactly how to liveIf I wanna remain out late, get

Florida Georgia Line - Country in my spirit

I like a little bit Captain in my coke.You understand I choose a bit good time in my smoke,With a pair of tan legs hangin" off the tailgate,Underneath the bridge down Harrikid Roadway,I like fried chicken best off the bone,I like my peaches house grvery own.Pickin" on a 6 st

Inna - Good time (feat. pitbull)

Worldwide and International Sensation, InnaLet"s have a good timeKnick knack, patty whackGive your boy a boneMister 305 but I"m internationally knownI"m in the zone, I ain"t talking 23But as soon as it involves woguys,You may bring 2,3Oui oui, si siWho we? You me,

Love - Good times

s gonna be alrightIt"s gonna be okIt"s gonna be alrightIn the morning I understand that you"re gonna have a good timeNo even more bad timesOnly good timesWe"re gonna dance some moreSo stay up on the floorWe"re gonna dance some moreIn a minute I recognize that you"re gonn

Inxs - Good times (feat. jimmy barnes)

shakeEverybody grooveEverybody shakeMary, Mary, you"re on my mindThe folks are gone and also the place"ll be mineMary, Mary, wanna be via youAnd this is what I"m gonna doI"m gonna put a speak to to you"Causage I feel good tonightAnd everything"s gonna be ideal, right, right

Midnite Angel - The fire

FireBy: Midnite AngelThe fire in my soulScreams juggalo till The finish of timeNo one can ever Put this fire outI love this life And family members to Damn muchTo let anyoneOr anythingTo try to controlThis fire inside meI’m psychopat

Andrew May - The means you love

the sun is falling downYou´re so close, and also I´m blindOh My Baby stay below night is yours and mine,(Yours and also mine)When I´m at homethrough you alone I´m not answering the phoneOh my baybe say me whythe civilization is gone,gone, gone,(a

Jls - Have your way

she like?YeaAll nightStraight acquire emKeep the party going reason we’re on a rollWe gon be up all night living upGirl you gained items like a edge storeShe just wanna remain up and also have funGonna watch the night turn to dayWe don’t care what they gon sayTell

C.n. Blue - Have an excellent night

a, Have a good time. Have a, Have a good night.I’ll display you my everything.

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Have a, Have a good time. Have a, Have a good night.I’m prepared to start. Baby, It is party time.Espresso double double shots.I, I will certainly not sleep tonight.Tomorrow is a holiday.Espres

Chicback - In the country

my reasonsAnd my waysKeep on changingFrom day to dayAs I growIt becomes so clearWhy I"m hereIt"s all herefor you and also meThe beauty of lifeSomeday you"ll seeThen you"ll join inAnd sing alongAnd you"ll understand also why I sing this songLet me tell you now

Lovebirds - Want you in my spirit

future´s somepoint we have the right to barely seethere´s somepoint missing in the method we feeland also I have noticedin myself that I can´t let it gowanna make a differenceand also believe in what we´re gonna showgotta understand exactly how points might be this wayu make a distinction in a differen

Lowkey - My soul

souls to sell below mate...They say The fool thinks himself to be wise male, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.I say that, to say this...You can take my life,But you can"t take my soul!You can not take my soul!You could tak



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