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If you’ve been playing a new Westworld ARG, climate you most likely reached a allude where the Messenger conversation assigned you come a specific zone and then offered you a quote. It transforms out the everyone got the very same quote, no matter what ar they to be in. The quote is: “Flectere si nequeo superos Acheronta movebo.” Here’s what the means.

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The quote is in reality well known and also seems come fit perfectly v Westworld. It’s quote indigenous Virgil’s city (more particularly Virgil’s Aeneid, book VII.312.) There room several different translations for the Latin quote. Here are a few:

“If i cannot deflect the will of remarkable powers, then i shall move the river Acheron.”

“If ns cannot deflect the will certainly of heaven, then ns shall relocate hell.”

G.K. Rickard converts it as: “Hell will I raise, if heaven my fit denies.”

John Dryden’s translation is: “If Jove and Heav’n my just desires deny, Hell chandelier the pow’r of Heav’n and Jove supply.”

According come Gregory Scheckler, Freud used this quote in the start of his bookThe translate of Dreams.He used it to go through his idea that the unconscious mind have the right to well up and flood our conscious mind v our dreams.

However, Scheckler points out that these translations miss out on the context in ~ which the quote to be said. It’s claimed by an tease goddess Juno, defending her appropriate to do everything she wants and also love mankind in her way, whether or no the other gods approve. She claimed this in a moment of rebellion, Scheckler said. She won’t sit by and do nothing, however she additionally knows that she most likely can’t win. However she will try anyway.

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So that’s really has an amazing overlap withWestworld. The hosts room currently proactively rebelling. Castle aren’t going to sit idly by and do nothing, also though their possibility of success is slim. They space seeking to it is in independent and an imaginative all on your own. You could additionally think that this as describing Ford or Arnold and the reaction they had actually once they realized their developments were sentient and could probably think because that themselves. They might no much longer sit idly by and let them be misused.

By the way, here’s another fun tidbit. If you complete the chat v Tes and also say “Virgil” in solution to the quote, Tes responds: “True poets inspire action. Virgil’s masterpiece does this also today.”