This mockery Kear, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson penned popular music ballad find the FGL duo proclaiming unwavering devotion come God, your mothers and their wives. Tyler ha said: ""God, your Mama, and Me" is just such a well-written song. A track that when we heard it, we dropped in love v it. We never really heard it stated that way, friend know, and heard it put that way, yet it"s for this reason true and also that"s exactly how we felt around our wives and just naturally drawn to that song."
The song attributes the Backstreet Boys, who contribute some of your trademark harmonies. The boy band was influential in both FGL members" younger days. The Backstreet guys was Brian Kelly"s first ever concert that he attended, and the very first CD the Tyler hubbard bought was one by the vocal group.

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The Backstreet boys didn"t include their vocals come the track till it was already completely finished."That was a song that was done; we put all our vocals on it, and also it to be turned in, mastered," Brian Kelley called reporters. "We acquired to build a partnership with Nick Carter the the Backstreet Boys. He was in town, in ~ CMA Fest, he ended up on our bus, and also we gained to playing some songs and also played "God, your Mama and Me," and also he dropped in love through it. Following thing girlfriend know, he"s playing it for the guys, and Joey , our producer, and also Seth , ours manager, were flying out to LA; they were laying under their vocals."
The video clip poses a problem, due to the fact that the FGL and also Backstreet Boys men were scattered almost everywhere the human being (also, do we really desire to view seven guys singing to each other?). Manager TK McKamy come up with an innovative solution: he gave each of the males GoPro cameras and also had them document something for their wives. The footage was used to make the clip.
It to be Josh Kear who argued the title during a songwriting session through Gordie Sampson and also Hillary lindsey on September 18, 2015, in the third-floor office at Yellow Dog Music in Nashville. Kear"s daughter had actually turned 6 simply weeks before, and he had a father"s unwavering love in mind as soon as he conceived the phrase, "God, your Mama, and Me." "It wasn"t until I tossed the title right into the room with Gordie and Hillary and heard castle talking about how ideal that sentiment was because that partners, friends, et cetera, that ns realized that it was simply a great thing come say about anyone you loved," Kear detailed to Billboard magazine. "Who doesn"t desire to be loved unconditionally?"
Red Red WineUB40

Arizona DJ male Zapoleon play UB40"s "Red Red Wine" 4 years ~ it was released as part of a function on songs the should have actually been hits. Listeners began requesting the tune and also within weeks it was topping the warm 100.

household AffairMary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige had regrets over singing about getting drunk in "Family Affair."

just how Big, exactly how Blue, exactly how BeautifulFlorence + the maker

The title of Florence + the Machine"s "How Big, exactly how Blue, just how Beautiful" was inspired by the Los Angeles skyline.

to walk On The Wild SideLou Reed

Lou Reed"s "Walk on The Wild Side" speak the story that real world who were part of Andy Warhol"s "factory," including Holly Woodlawn and Candy Darling.

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Smells choose Teen SpiritNirvana

Teen heart was a sort of deodorant marketed to young girls. That"s wherein Kurt Cobain obtained the location "Smells prefer Teen Spirit."

i Gotta FeelingThe black color Eyed Peas, accurate dreamt up "I Gotta Feelin"." claimed the black color Eyed Pea: "Have you ever before had a dream whereby there"s a melody in your dream? I"ll wake up out of my sleep and also record that! "I Gotta Feelin" was one of those songs."

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Rickie Lee Jones ~ above songwriting, society media, and also how she"s managing Trump.

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P.F. Was a teenager creating hits and also playing top top tracks because that Jan & Dean as soon as he composed a #1 fight that got him blackballed.

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The drummer because that Anthrax is additionally a key songwriter. He defines how the group puts your songs together and also tells the story behind some of their classics.

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Inspired by his dear friend, "Seasons in the Sun" paid because that Terry"s boat, which led him away from music and into a fight with Canadian paper mills.