In "For the He Looked not upon Her," a poem by sixteenth-centurypoet George Gascoigne, he develops a facility attitude v his useofdiction,imagery, and also form. Transparent the whole poem, Gascoigne reallysets the attitudeof the item through his use of diction. He creates agloomy and almost dark/depressing mood. Because that example,rightoff thebatin currently 1-2, he says, " You have to not wonder, despite you think itstrange, to view me organize my louring (gloomy)head for this reason low." Also,looking in ~ the last line ofthe poem, the says, "Because her blazingeyes mine bale have actually bread," (line 14). The usage of words louring,which method gloomy, and also bale, which means misery, stronglyportrays thathe is depressed. Gascoigne continues to develop the facility attitude the the poem through hisuse that imagery.In lines 5-8, Gascoignedescribes a computer mouse whenhewrites, "The mouse which when hath broken out of trap is seldomticed through the trustless bait, but lies aloof for are afraid of an ext mishap, andfeedeth tho in doubt that deep deceit." Theimagerythe authoruses to explain the mouse is really vivid. The readeris quickly able tovisualizea computer mouse that broke out that a trap, and also still conduct to walk backfor the food again regardless of the truth thatithad previously beentricked. Thisuse of imagery also helps come createthe complexattitude because it is sad that the computer mouse is so easily deceived. One more useofimagery in the poem deserve to be uncovered in lines 3-4 as soon as Gascoigne says,"And the mine eye take no joy to variety about the gleams which onyour challenge dogrow." The reader can snapshot him looking at the woman"sgleaming face, yet experiencing no joy or happiness out of see her. Thisalso contributes come the complicated attitude the the poem because the truth that heis unable to appreciate her presence, contributing come the depressed mood the thepoem. Gascoigne additionally uses type to develop the complicated attitude of thepoem.As previously stated, present 1-2 state, “You must not wonder, thoughyou think the strange, to watch me hold my louring (gloomy)head so low.”Then, looking in ~ the finish of the poem, in lines13-14, that says, “So that i winkor else hold down my head, since your blazing eye my bale (misery) havebred.” By start the poem v him stop his head down, however the woman notknowing why, and ending the poem with him tho holding his head down andrevealing his misery is as result of her, the ties in the whole attitude of the poem,looping the ending back to the early stage idea. By using this form, too asspecific diction and imagery, he can assist to build the attitude of the entirepoem. City Essay Reflection:
Aftercompleting my very first AP Literature and also Composition poetry essay, let’s simply say I pertained to the currently that ns definitelydid not obtain a 9 on my very first attempt. I would probably offer myself a 4-5.The most relevant element from thisexperience was discovering what varieties of mistakes ns made when analyzing poetry, inorder to get a decent score on the future AP test. Although there to be aspectsof analyzing the notice I succeeded in, various other parts of my evaluation werelacking. After discussing the student samples that the essays with my classmatesof a fine scoring, tool scoring, and low scoring essay, I have learnedqualities that my essay should have as well. Because that example, I construed themeaning the the poem, however, i didn’t do a very good job that connecting theform, imagery, and diction ago together, and also I additionally didn’t identify the formof the poem. Through reviewing different styles of poems and practicing more essaysin the close to future, I think I will have the ability to improve mine poetry analysisessays. Peer Reflections:Alex give (, looking at her essay and reflection, I do agree the you did not have actually a "persuasive analysis" of one essay i beg your pardon would"ve received a 9, however, ns disagree with the score you provided yourself. Ns think you might be grading you yourself a small too hard. According the qualities of a 3 essay on the rubric, your essay would need to be "partial or irrelevant" v "misconstrued evidence" and also contain "an unclear focus or inadequate breakthrough of ideas." spring at your essay, I experienced much more potential 보다 you offered yourself credit for. For example, you had actually a really clear understanding of the speaker"s emotions and the metaphors the used around the computer mouse trap and also the fly in the fire to describe his relationship with her. The reality that you known this and noted textual evidence to assistance this currently earns you an ext than a 3.Something that I believe you could"ve excellent to enhance your score even an ext would be to have an introduction to her essay versus jumping right into it, to offer the leader an idea the the subject of your essay. Ns would likewise recommend having actually a conclusion come tie all of the aspects of her analysis earlier together to show your understanding of just how the from, diction, and imagery work-related together to convey the complex attitude of the poem. One more thing I believe you could do to improve your score would certainly be to include some more specific textual evidence on type and diction in stimulate to gain your essay to the persuasive level. As whole though, ns think you did a nice job and also I would score your essay in the 5-6 range.

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Gina Deaton (, I totally agree with the score you provided yourself. I think you are absolutely deserving that a 7. Your entire essay is really well written, and also you did a nice project of comment all components of the prompt. To start off, you had actually a strong introduction the did a nice job of not diving straight right into analysis, but rather presenting the reader to what her essay was going to it is in about. You also did a nice task of utilizing purposeful proof from the text, and also recognizing/understanding all contents of the prompt, as you addressed Gascoigne"s use of form, diction, and imagery.I also agree that something girlfriend could continue to job-related on would be making her analysis an ext persuasive. You could additionally specify a an attitude besides being "complex" and explain why that perspective is complex. All at once though, your essay was very well written, particularly for gift the an initial poetry analysis essay. The conclusion that you composed was also very effective in tying every little thing together. You definitely earned a 7!Revised Draft
:In "For that He Looked no upon Her" a city by sixteenth-century English poet George Gascoigne, he confronts the reader through his misery as result of love. Gascoigne addresses that he does no look in ~ his lover and also show her affection, although that recognizes her beauty, due to the fact that of the heart pain she has actually caused him. With use that tonal shifts, diction, and also imagery, Gascoigne portrays just how he feelsdiminutive and also trapped as result of love, which creates the complex attitude that the poem.
Looking at the first few lines of the poem, the speaker defines his actions as soon as he says, "You need to not wonder, though you think that strange, to watch me host my louring head so low," (lines 1-2). The ton at the beginning of the city is somber and resigned, together the speaker shows he is encountering a hardship and also he will certainly not look at his lover and show she affection. Gascoigne uses certain choices in diction consisting of "strange" and "louring" to help create the somber feeling. The word strange permits the reader to wonder ideal off the bat why the speaker will certainly not look in ~ the woman. Words "louring" really helps to create the somber feeling since it method gloomy, and the picture of a male holding his gloomy head short depicts to the reader his hardship.

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In the next couple lines the the poem, the speaker contains the an initial tonal change of the poem, which helps to set up the complicated attitude. In present 3-4, Gascoigne writes,"And that mine eyes take no happiness to variety about the gleams which on your confront do grow." This tonal transition is really important because the speaker diverts attention from himself to the woman. Gascoigne selection in diction as soon as he said, "no delight" and also "gleams i beg your pardon on your face do grow" reflects a binary opposition that the speaker find the woman attractive and recognizes she beauty, however, he is no delighted in ~ the sight of her and is no longer attracted come her. The facility attitude is the speaker recognizing the woman"s attractiveness, but paying she no attention because of the misery she"s caused him.
The next couple of lines that the poem are also an extremely important in producing the complicated attitude that the poem since this is where he addresses the truth that he feels trapped by the woman and is fear of entering one more relationship for are afraid of more misery. In the next tonal shifts, Gascoigne moves his emphasis to a mouse and then a fly, which serve as a metaphor for his feelings. In lines 5-8, the speaker provides a mouse in a an allegory when he says, "The mouse which once hath damaged out of catch is seldom ticed through the trustless bait, yet lies aloof for fear of more mishap, and also feedeth quiet in doubt the deep deceit." that then follows this metaphor with another, this time about a fly once he writes, "The charred fly which as soon as hat "scaped the flame will certainly hardly come to play again with fire," (lines 9-10). By consisting of these metaphors, Gascoigne shifts the emphasis from the woman back to himself, through comparison. The comparison to the mouse is vital in the complicated attitude since he s basically saying, that a mouse who it s okay trapped will certainly not do the exact same mistake again and will suffer fear and also mistrust as soon as eating food, conversely, the speak is fear to enter another relationship, or also remain through the woman he speaks of as result of the mistrust and also heartbreak she has caused him come feel. Similarly to the fly that will not be fooled by the fire"s attractive light and be burned again as with the speaker doesn"t won"t look in ~ the woman despite her beauty because he doesn"t desire to endure misery again. Gascoigne"s usage of diction likewise helps through this facility attitude since by making use of words such together "in doubt the deep deceit" and also "ticed with trustless bait" it reflects the mistrust the mouse has, as with he has actually mistrust in love. Imagery likewise helps develop this complicated attitude since the reader have the right to easily snapshot the fly that was scorched in the fire and the computer mouse that is weary and also mistrusting that food after being stuck in a trap.The last lines of the poem contain one critical tonal shift from the emphasis on the mouse/fly come the speaker himself. This really emphasizes why the is in misery together this is exactly how he started and also ended the poem. The speaker"s options in diction also aid with this tone shift when the says, "Whereby I learn that grievous the game," (line 11) and, "Because your blazing eyes my bale have bred," (line 14). By using the words "grievous is the game" that is speak he understands that love can be a dangerous game which has caused him grief. The words "blazing eye my bale have actually bred" means when the looks right into her eyes, it causes him misery, which is why the does not look in ~ the woman.Through the speaker"s use of miscellaneous tonal shifts in the city from himself, to the woman, come metaphorically comparing himself to a trapped mouse and also fly, earlier to himself, Gascoigne create the facility attitude that the poem, thathe feelsdiminutive and trapped because of love. His usage of diction and also imagery additionally helps to create this facility attitude.RevisionReflection:Looking in ~ my initial essay, i didn"tnecessarily understand the definition of the poem completely, i m sorry is why my initial essay lacked acknowledgment of the complicated attitude in the poem and what gadgets Gascoigne offered to create it. Having knowledge that the three Sentence Thesis and tonal transition charts really assisted my understanding of the poem and how to develop my thesis and also body paragraphs. Because that example, learning how to compose an effective three sentence thesis assisted me create a solid introductionthat the speak does not look at his lover and show her affection, although that recognizes she beauty, due to the fact that of the heartbreak she has actually caused him. The tonal shift chart also helped me to boost my essay because I can recognize as soon as the speaker diverted attention away native himself, and the importance once he focused on himself/comparing self to the mouse and also fly. The tonal change sheet aided me develop my body paragraphs effectively and support how he completed these move with assistance in diction and imagery, i m sorry is what the prompt originally asked you come analyze. It also helped me better understand the an interpretation of the poem. So, as whole knowledge of tone shifts and also how to compose a three sentence thesis helped form my revised essay.