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I"m spring to convert my "88 GT come 4-lug behind disc brakes. What kits have you used and are girlfriend happy through it? i would like to stay with Ford calipers... Any type of leads guys?

I supplied the Stainless stole Brakes kit. Pricey however a great fit and also a substantial improvement over stock. I went former aand rear slotted rotors and also a new master cylender. I likewise didnt want to buy new wheels and also tires. It to be a good fit. Likewise but an adjustable proportanal valve the share one is junk through the extra behind braking power.
92 restricted Edition Vert HodgePodge MM , Cobra Brakes, role Bar, Auborn Pro, 31 spline Mosers, 3.73"s

What dimension rear piston in the calipers? are they Ford calipers? I referred to as Maximum Motorsport and "Chris" said me the 38mm Baer rear disc brake conversion would certainly not work well through the 73mm former calipers. He argued I look because that the 54mm rear calipers Ford supplied to sell. Thanks for the input. Ns bought the 4-lug 17" Pony R"s last fall because I did no think i would also bother spending money on rear disk brakes. I have actually too much invested in the wheels and tires come buy all new again. I"m searching for 54mm 4-lug rear disc brake counter kit... Anybody?

Heres the attach for what ns got. website claims 45mm. What ns was said is this is the kit that came on the svo mustang, 93 cobra mustang, turbo coupe thunderbird and lincolns.

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92 minimal Edition Vert HodgePodge MM , Cobra Brakes, role Bar, Auborn Pro, 31 spline Mosers, 3.73"s
I"ve got the Aerospace Street kit v the E-Brake provision. The front to be streight forward and easy. Awsome weight loss.The rear was a small bit that a pain, but an extremely cool, that a behind disk caliper setup through mini drum brakes in the facility crown for the E-Brake, pretty slick, but had to get various e-brake cables and also disable the spring action in the handle.
88" Vert, 347ci, Tweecer EEC regulate system, D&D K-Member, D&D Coil Overs, Aerospace Street Discs on every 4, MAC lengthy Tubes w/ Prochamber, 90MM Lightning MAF, Edelbrock RPM, home Ported E7"s w/ 190"s 160"s, 373"s, 31-Spline Mosers,

Thanks guys!I bought the behind disc brake conversion offered by PST (the advertisers top top the earlier cover the every 5.0 magazine) Those too are the 45mm calipers. The kit is made by Stainless steel Brakes and sold by PST. I called Steeda and also found the an extremely same circumstance as well. PST had actually a far better price since they encompass shipping right into the advertised price. I dubbed Stainless steel Brakes and also I acquired the exact same story around the brakes being the exact same as the T-Bird.The brakes offered through by Baer v Maximum Motorsports are 38mm Corvette brakes. MM right up said me I would certainly not it is in happy through the power of this brakes when combined with the 73mm fronts.92lmtdconv: space you happy with the brakes? go you improve the fronts too? I should buy a proportioning valve? The male at Stainless stole told me I have to use the stock and follow the instructons they provide. I aked him based upon you suggestion.Thanks!