Season 1, episode 7: ‘Call me irresponsible’

Ah, to live in the people of Frasier wherein buying an art forgery is the worst point that can take place to you. I really don’t have it so negative though. Last night, mine landlady letme acquire in the spa with her—we drank beers and also turned ~ above the bubbles and had apretty constructive conversation about islamophobia.

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Last episode I feel prefer I was working through some anti-aristocratic baggage. If I keep making this recaps around me, to be I simply as poor a ‘neoliberal narcissist’ together Frasier himself?

Again, this episode opens up with Frasier at the radio station. I really like exactly how much we watch him working! In (mainstream) film and also television, us don’t frequently see characters with jobs and also a society class.

Sometimes it’s hard to store track that exciting/romantic personality arcs due to the fact that I’m as well busy thinking: ‘how the fuck do they pay the rent on this thing?’ which is a SHAME, due to the fact that this is the kind of point I desire to see: how people earn money, get by, find meaning in/through their labour. This is (in no small part) why Laverne & Shirley and classic flicks prefer Killer of sheep resonate.

(Hollywood) Film-makers just seem come include economic realities, if the movie is directly around them: The Help, Slumdog Millionaire. Yet, job-related (like it is in Frasier) can be an exciting central character.

TL;DR: we execute a disservice to every other when we obfuscate the circumstances that assist us live, create, succeed. Let’s talk an ext about exactly how money enters/shapes ours lives. Right now I’m unemployment (go figure) and sponging off my sweetheart.

Frasier makes a caller break up v his girlfriend. She (Catherine) climate comes into the studio to challenge him about it—she’s very downhearted about love (and you would be too, if your companion dumped you since a phone-in shrink told lock to). But Frasier is full of love(but largely self)-affirming platitudes: ‘making a meeting to one more human being is the can be fried expression of our humanity’.


Just fkn look at him here—down ~ above his venerable haunches, if the mrs he’s half-helping/half-courting stuffs her challenge with peanut m&ms. The feels an ext like a involved dad talk his naïve daughter v a ache break-up.

They start up a romance and also thankfully Niles (of all people) is over there to tell Frasier it’s creepy/unethical to day the woman you’ve told your ‘patient’ come dump. STILL, shipping this pair is slightly much less problematic than shipping Niles/Daphne, or Martin/That woman He watch At with A Telescope.

Frasier’s systems to the tedium of those bland ‘getting to understand you’ inquiries on very first dates: ‘Maybe we can just exchange resumes over appetisers’. This is romance because that the overworked, jaded professional—the downhearted single elite.

He go on a couple of dates, climate starts feeling bad around the breach of ethics when they’re about to have sex. What can trigger feelings of guilt more sharply than unavoidable intercourse on your dad’s favourite chair?


He probably would’ve felt much less guilty/self-conscious if that boned she on the Eames? After lock try/fail again come bone top top the cacao Chanel replica couch, he eventually tells her he can’t execute this anymore and the connection is over.

Notice how what that does because that a living drives the plot the this whole episode. Once he walk his job badly/‘irresponsibly’ (abuses his power as a shrink) that throws up dilemmas and consequences—and people around him end up acquiring used and also hurt.

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How Catherine feels, and what’s really finest for her, never really start the equation here. It’s not that Frasier doesn’t understand how she feels—it’s the he doesn’t care. Even WHEN HE’S falling FOR an additional HUMAN BEING, Frasier can’t register their feelings/thoughts/subjectivity. He’s completely engorged v his own passions and ethical dilemmas.

This is what renders sitcoms favor this unending repeatable/Sisyphean: the key character never ever learns, constantly runs into the same problems (comical misunderstandings), and also hurts people/themselves the same means over and over. They’re forever trapped in the narrow prism of their own self-interest. As Zizek would put it: capitalists prefer Frasier don’t know how to imagine otherwise.