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Free course of 2017 Graduation Printables & give thanks to You Note

by Amanda Mackell ~ above March 11, 2017 10 comments


One of ours most famous requests annually is for our cost-free graduation printables. Because that our 3rd year in offering the printables we"ve included a set of 8x10 inch indicators that check out "CONGRADULATIONS" and "The tassel was worth the hassle". 

"Class of 2017" banner panels room formatted as 2 5x7"s on an 8.5x11 inch sheet. Reduced out the panels, string with each other (I provided twine), and also you have quick and easy decor!

Water bottle labels are formatted as 2x8 inches and have ample an are for trimming so the they have the right to fit any type of brand the water bottle. These additionally work great as napkin wraps!
And possibly my favourite product of all because of it"s versatility: the 2" circles. This printable decor item have the right to be left as a 2.5 customs square or reduced out using a 2 customs circular scrapbook punch as displayed below.

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And of food our coordinating thank you note. These notes space to be printed on 8.5x11 inch stock, reduced in half, and folded to produce two notes that measure 4.25x5.5 customs each. These say thanks to you note fit the standard A5 envelopes that are easily uncovered at craft stores or office supply stores. 
All of the printable items above are available as cost-free downloads. We very recommend print on cardstock using a laser printer for the best quality. Staples and also Office Depot are great options for printing, through pricing per-sheet being about .69. You have the right to upload the papers to your Copy and Print facility online or save the documents to a ignorance drive or memory map to take it in-store to print. Store in mind the we additionally offer a huge variety the graduation announcements/invitations in one of two people a digital layout to publish on your own, or already printed ~ above cardstock or photo paper. 

These watch great… however I’ll look forward to the 2018 printables to usage at my daughter’s graduation indigenous college.

I just wanted to stop for a minute and also thank you for the free printable downloads! This helps me litter my boy (Young lady) a an excellent looking party and enables me to stay within mine budget

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