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Fully Exposed, the "Full Frontal" Podcast with "All Time Low"s" Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat access time the road This Week with a Live Podcast Tour

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2015 / -- With episode titles choose Lord that the Ringworm, Dad Fro, choose Your own Hole, Guybrator and Bear Hospital, you understand you deserve to expect the unanticipated from the podcast developed by fifty percent of the tape "All Time Low" v hosts (Singer) Alex Gaskarth and (Guitarist) Jack Barakat. "Full Frontal" is a program around music, pop-culture, TV and also movies with a raw, no filter format. "Full Frontal" celebrity and music guest have included actress Abigail Breslin, mark Hoppus the Blink-182, comedian Jonathan dragon of 2 damaged GIRLS and also early 2000"s symbol Tom Green. Beginning this week fans will also have an chance to watch Alex & Jack"s "Full Frontal" Podcast increase close and an individual as they start their live podcast tour October 16th in ~ the Houston, TX Improv.

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"Full Frontal" episodes can be heard every Monday in ~

Live reflects onsale now in the following cities with an ext dates to be announced:

Oct 16 – Houston, TX (Houston Improv) 1:00pm

Oct 17 – Addison (Dallas), TX (Addison Improv) 1:00pm

Oct 20 – Tempe, AZ (Tempe Improv) 1:00pm

Oct 22 – Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Improv ) 8:00pm

Nov 23 – new York, NY (Gotham) 5:30pm

Seating is restricted and tickets deserve to be purchased at

Live show attendees under 18, have to be add by a parental or guardian.

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