Pre-Credits Gag: Michelle commands Jesse to come right into her room so he can cure her of the hiccups. He gives her a glass of water and also tells she to drink it and also then say, “have mercy,” which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t work. Is the why he states that every the time? due to the fact that he thinks it prevents him from having hiccups? i guess that’s just as logical together saying it because he thinks it’s charming. Jesse then tries to scare her to cure she hiccups, which renders her go and also tell on him to Danny. If that really want to scare her, that should’ve shown her a photo of it s her from the year 2012, whereby she’s just a foot taller and also weighs the same.

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While the 3 of them examine in the girls’ room, Kimmie Gibbler plays wingman for DJ while she do the efforts to put the move on some stupid spring kid called Rick. Simply as Rick’s about to offer in come DJ’s overt desperation, Stephanie barges in and starts addressing rick by plagiarizing plunder Schneider’s annoying SNL schtick where he would say a million stroked nerves variations ~ above everyone’s names. How did nobody get sued because that this? and also if they to be going to blatantly rip miscellaneous off, you’d hope the they’d at least pick other better. Anyway, Stephanie won’t shut the fuck up or leaving the room and also proceeds to salt DJ’s currently rickety game until Rick lastly cuts out. After he leaves, DJ it s okay pretty fucking pissed off and also tells Stephanie the she’s going to discover a method to gain her very own room.

Jesse comes residence from the save with a bunch that chips for Becky, who is making many requests because of her pregnancy cravings. She tells him that she wants a various kind that chips and he says that the figured that once she preserved paging the while he was at the keep (remember pagers? back they’re fully obsolete now, i still think they’ve aged far better as a referral than the plagiarized rob Schneider schtick) and also so he carried home a totality shitload. The dumps all the bags that chips almost everywhere the table as if come say that the joke about her being pregnant and also eating a lot of was as well understated in the last illustration so now they need to overdo the as lot as possible.

Becky makes more plans because that Jesse to obtain her some added food later but an initial they have to prepare for your childbirth class which, naturally, takes ar in the living room. After they leaving the kitchen, Michelle reflects up and also is excited by the large quantity of chips she finds on the table yet then she quickly discovers the she is unable to open up the bags. Yeah, ns don’t know why, either.

Becky invites Danny and Joey to attend her childbirth class but they decline because they’ve gained tickets for a warrior game. Climate they check out Lisa, the childbirth class’s instructor, and also since lock both want to fuck her they decision to pole around.

While they both ineptly hit on her, Joey does an impression the Daffy Duck that includes him spitting in Danny’s face, and also Danny finally comments ~ above this gift a recurring difficulty that Joey has.

DJ come downstairs and also tells the dads the she has an essential presentation for them. Castle all enter the kitchen, wherein Michelle is collaborating v the dog in a more attempt to open among those bags the chips. I assumed that this might evolve right into a whole tertiary storyline yet that’s actually the end of it.

DJ launches right into an engaging presentation, finish with intuitive aides, about how she needs to have her very own room because Stephanie is a gigantic pain in the ass and also because why the fuck go Michelle have actually her very own room anyway?

Stephanie protests through saying that she shouldn’t need to share a room v Michelle because she’s a “4-year-old baby,” however after hearing both disagreements the dads every huddle together and also do that muttered whispering point that castle usually only do in cartoons. After their brief, inaudible meeting, the dads all agree that DJ can switch rooms with Michelle, i beg your pardon is a rare circumstances for the display in which logic prevails.

Becky comes into the kitchen and tells Joey and Danny that Lisa requirements help setup up for the childbirth class and they both run into the living room v their dicks out. Becky then asks Jesse if he’ll acquire her wool socks out of storage since she’s cold and also he makes a big deal the end of what a ache in the ass the is to do things because that his pregnant wife. I guess that once you don’t need to work or perform anything that regular adults need to do, gaining some socks from upstairs is a pretty large hardship.

Stephanie tells Michelle the they’ll be sharing a room soon and Michelle states that she hella pissed around it and also gives she a raspberry. Michelle then heads maximum floor in protest, leaving Stephanie to sit in the kitchen to feel sorry because that herself together sad music plays. Aww.

Stephanie expresses her woes come the dog, i m sorry is actually a pretty frequent occurrence. She communicates her viewed victimhood at nobody wanting to share a room v her, willfully skip the reality that it’s because she’s a full asshole. Throughout this self-pity session, she’s packing her things, reportedly planning to move out and find her very own room what else.

I yes, really don’t recognize why the childbirth class is following in the life room the the complete house. I’d just assumed the Becky was taking a private class at home, however there’s a totality room full of couples in attendance. What the fuck? The instructor tells all of the couples come choose an object to focus on if the woman’s in labor and Jesse pulls out an Elvis doll. Becky’s like, God cursed it, can we please just have actually one fucking point in our resides that no Elvis themed? Jesse then pulls the end a large turkey leg, playing off of the brilliant joke around how hungry she is all the time, and also I have to say the I’m really surprised that it wasn’t fried chicken. Way to branch out, Jesse!

As the couples practice deep breathing, Joey and Danny shamelessly struggle on the instructor. Over the course of your conversation, it becomes clear that Lisa shares Joey’s one-dimensional love the cartoons, making the 2 of castle a much more fitting match. Together if that wasn’t already implausible enough, Lisa actually ends the class abruptly just so she deserve to go the end on a day with Joey. Take it that, pregnant women!

After the class, all of the pregnant women interact in an eating frenzy that horrifies their husbands. Becky renders some much more requests because that Jesse to acquire them some various other kinds that food and also then that launches into a totality diatribe around how it’s full bullshit that he should need to put in any extra initiative to comfort his pregnant wife. Becky becomes extremely emotional, causing Jesse feeling obligated to lull her, and also then she i do not care apologetic and says the she doesn’t deserve him. Jesse agrees yet then acquiesces the he’ll make an initiative to accommodate she needs just as lengthy as that still never has to get a job.

As DJ measures Michelle’s room in preparation for relocating in, Michelle come in and also tells her the she doesn’t need to bother through that anymore because Stephanie has moved out. After a quick investigation, DJ discovers the Stephanie has moved right into the bathroom, i m sorry is pretty much a direct reenactment the the first episode, where DJ moved right into the basement, except even much more ridiculous. Not just would this setup prevent everyone in the complete house from having actually a proper place to take it a shit, yet how the hell walk she acquire carpeting placed in there?

Danny comes right into the restroom to obstacle one out however is deterred by the existence of his three saying daughters. Stephanie speak Danny a large sob story around how no one of her sisters desire to re-superstructure a room through her and he is effectively manipulated right into rethinking DJ’s proposal. DJ protests and then Danny tells her the he’s confident that she deserve to work it out herself and also then leaves the bathroom therefore he have the right to go obstacle one out in the hall closet instead. DJ’s like, “damn, Stephanie, do you think just once you can stop being such a fucking pains in the ass? Seriously, you’re no cute anymore and you’re really no contributing anything come the present at every anymore.” Stephanie stays uncooperative till the music comes on as she speak DJ how much she valued invading her personal space over the years. She says that she’ll miss the comfort of hearne in on her conversations and also being lulled to sleep by the mysterious vibrations that emanate from under her covers at night. DJ speak her that she can still invade her an individual space also though castle won’t be sharing a room anymore and then there room hugs. I guess that settled it, although i still think that would have been much more effective if DJ had actually just started shitting in the toilet to journey her the end of there.

This still leaves the difficulty of Michelle not wanting come room with Stephanie, but it’s easily resolved once they offer her some cookies. What a fucking idiot.

Firsts: Joey’s spitting difficulty is addressed, DJ having actually her own room, Stephanie and also Michelle sharing a room

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