Students will kind Fuzz Bugs by shade into corresponding containers producing a bar graph. Questions are then asked requiring student to analyze the graph and enter in answers. Concerns are check out aloud because that nonreaders.

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Students will:

Be able to count objects.Be able to answer “How many” questions and compare amounts.Develop drag and also drop skills.

Vocabulary Words:

Drag and Drop: Drag and drop way to move an image to another part of the display screen using a computer mouse or other device.

To prepare because that this lesson:

Bookmark the site or add to a class website for ease the access. Ensure flash is permitted on the computer.

If the students will be utilizing an iPad toconfirm the video game works.

Directions because that thisactivity:

Explain come students that they will play a fun game sorting Fuzz Bugs and also model just how to discover the video game on your device.

Model exactly how to sort the bugs- complete the screen.

Warn students the the concerns will be immediately read aloud, but only once and also that they will need to pay nearby attention.

As a class, price the questions. Emphasize and define the different mathematical keywords (more than, less than, etc.) together they occur.

Model exactly how to form in numbers and also write recommendation numbers top top the board from 18-25. Explain how to usage the backspace key if a failure is made.

Students complete this activity.

Assessment Options

Different alternatives for assessing the students:

ObservationsCheck because that understandingThis game instantly corrects answers and offers added attempts if answers room incorrect. Monitor students and informally assess as the task progresses.

MITECS Competencies & ISTE Standards

MITECS: Michigan embraced the "ISTE criter for Students" dubbed MITECS (Michigan Integrated technology Competencies for Students) in 2018.

Empowered Learner1c. Students use modern technology to look for feedback that informs and also improves their practice and also to demonstrate their learning in a selection of ways.1d. Students know the fundamental concepts of technology operations, show the ability to choose, use and also troubleshoot present technologies and also are maybe to transfer their expertise to explore emerging technologies.

Devices and also Resources

Device: PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad

Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, all (REQUIRES FLASH)

Websites:Fuzz Bugs Game

contents AREA resources


Students can write a journal entry about Fuzz Bugs and also explain exactly how they know exactly how many more or much less than one color is compared to another.


Students are discovering counting skills.

Students are being introduced to what a graph is.

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CREDITSThis job card was produced by Patricia Paxton, Armada Area Schools. June 2018.

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