“The Plan” is the 2nd track to have been exit from G-Eazy’s third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned.This tune is component of the “Damned” half of this album, showing… review More 

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Yeah, ayy, uhI carry out this shit 'cause I-Turn, revolve it increase a little bitI gotta, i gotta, ns gotta blapYo, yo, yo, ayyI might go fuck up this bands (Ayy)I do this shit 'cause I deserve to (Yeah)I just took treatment of mine fam (Ayy)Thought this was always the arrangement (Yeah)I can go paris to Japan (Ayy)Honolulu, obtain a tan (Yeah)To the beach ns don't lug sand (No)Thought that was always the plan (Yeah)Growed up, currently I am the male (Yeah)It's shit friend don't recognize (Ayy)Popeye simply opened the canI don't fuck through no fufu that's not on my brand (Ayy)Call me as soon as you require a hand (Yeah)In the Bay, I'm Superman (Ayy)YSL ~ above me, goddamnTell me, why is her girlfriend my number one fan? (Yeah)Always scrutinizedBags space supersized, why are you surprised?Must have mixed us through a different group that guysSpot the truth or lies, i mean business but I'm not in suit and also tiesJust to be prophesized (Yeah, uh)This shit dropped right right into place (Yeah)Indy 500 my pace (Ayy)Drinking it right to the faceLiquor and women, two points I don't follow (Uh)Don't acquired a minute to waste (Yeah)Mask off, I'm mirroring my confront (Yeah)Shout-out Dakari, my ace (Uh)They dislike so much, it's a disgrace (Uh)I placed 'em back into ar (Yeah)I placed your bitch in a WraithI just snatch her, she's vanishing without a map (Yeah)
I can go crap up this bands (Ayy)I do this shit 'cause I can (Yeah)I just took treatment of mine fam (Ayy)Thought this was constantly the arrangement (Yeah)I can go fly to Japan (Ayy)Honolulu, acquire a tan (Yeah)To the beach ns don't bring sand (No)Thought that was constantly the arrangement (No)Thought that was always the arrangement (No)Thought the was constantly the plan (Ayy)Did it, I execute it again (No)Thought that was always the planI could go fuck up this bands (Ayy)I carry out this shit 'cause I can (Yeah)I just took care of my fam (Ayy)Thought this was constantly the setup (Yeah)Ten years, this shit has been brewing (Ayy)I'm prefer "The crap you to be doing?" (Yeah)Hall of Fame, Gerald's a shoe inYou'll never be Jordan, you're much more Patrick Ewing (Yeah)Number one spot, I'm follow (Ayy)Exclusive prefer "Who done let friend in?"Money talks, ns speak the fluentGot exhausted of my bitch, ns went gained a brand-new oneQuick swish that, this bitch whackPack, flip that, making fast stacksThis shit blap, G did the (Uh)Taking a quick trap nap (Yeah)I go all night and also shit, ain't gotta hide this shitThis shit's a freestyle, i ain't also write this shitRoll me part Marty and I’m finna light this shit (Ayy, yeah)They finna bite this shit, ayy (Yeah)Like Jaws swim on southern Beach, this is shit the they don't teachDon't go as well far, don't shot too hard, bitch, don't reach prefer (Uh)Drugs obtained me top top a level, lockjaw, I obtained slow speechI'm courtside, I obtained floor seats next to Rihanna prefer "Oh sheesh!"

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I might go posesthe up this bands (Ayy)I perform this shit 'cause I can (Yeah)I just took care of mine fam (ayy)Thought this was always the plan (Yeah)I might go paris to Japan (Ayy)Honolulu, acquire a tan (Yeah)To the beach i don't bring sand (No)Thought the was always the plan (No)Thought that was always the plan (No)Thought that was constantly the setup (Ayy)Did it, I perform it again (No)Thought the was constantly the planI can go posesthe up these bands (Ayy)I do this shit reason I deserve to (Yeah)I simply took treatment of my fam (Ayy)Thought this was always the arrangement (Yeah)I believed this was constantly the planWhat to be you doing? What carry out you mean?There's just one way, there's just one optionThere's just one path to acquire there, you know?It's not gon' make itselfWhen you wake up up and check the follow appAnd this shit got more and more digits than a patent plateThem seven-eight figures don't do themselves, yadadamean?You gotta acquire it! This was always the plan