Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa have to be embroiled in a controversial court fight that has played in the media prefer a telenovela. Lately, both sides are seeming coming to terms v the boy support agreement and also peace is peeking that head for the particular parties. The "Republica Deportiva" organize is elated as he to be able to view his infant Matías because that the an initial time in 6 months and shared an endearing photo on Instagram. "After more than 6 months without also having a picture with you my dear kid Matías," that wrote. "More than six months wishing for moments choose this. Thank you God. We had 60 minutes together to spoil you and hug you once again. I hope this ends quickly so the we can share much more time together."

The main reason Julián Gil took Marjorie De Sousa to court to be for the right to have the ability to see his son Matías, because then a legal battle has play publicly. Gil scored a victory, back in August, in the situation as his legal representative notified Televisa Espectáculos that he was now able to see his son exterior of the courthouse. The "Sueño De Amor" gibbs will additionally be able to invest time through his baby at his own home. A request has been do to De Sousa and the infant"s physician to notate the moment the baby eats and any special care so the Julián is make aware.

Earlier in the year Julián Gil had actually won an additional battle after asking to see his son. A judge ruled that the actor can see Matias just an hour a week. "All I have asked for is to have the ability to see him," he told "Dando Candela." "If in ~ this moment they only allow me to see him for an hour, that is what I will do. In every this procedure what i am fighting for is the civil liberties of my son. Ns don"t think a father should be limited to see their son unless they space a delinquent whereby a father represents a danger to the child, but if they room not a danger, the healthiest point is to have a typical relationship."

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After weeks of rumors, Marjorie de Sousa shown in April she had separation from Julián Gil. "The relationship with Julián Gil has pertained to an end," she said in the statement. "There have actually been many versions, including statements from my team that were never offered. Nobody has said anything around the situation, for respect to my son, the general public who I occupational for and because we space public figures that space exposed to an individual situations prefer this that space not exciting to share and also that at times one deserve to judge there is no knowing." "There"s a legal process from both sides, also though from my part I looked for an amicable and personal dialogue, the was not the situation from the various other party and also that is why mine team the attorneys will take treatment of everything, along with the mexican law, that is whereby my child was born. They will certainly decide just how things walk from now on."

Throughout the drama over there has likewise been reports around a DNA check to prove the Julián is the father of Matías. " asked for the paternity tests two weeks ago, which was denied by court because it was not petitioned correctly," Julián defined to "Hoy." "That"s the same thing i asked for. Ns am questioning for a paternity test and also a DNA test but because that it to be accepted, judicially you need to say "annulment that paternity," or else they would disapprove it."

Gil continued: "I recognize it sound harsh but I am 100% certain that Matías is my son. I am questioning for the paternity check to confirm, similar to Marjorie, the he"s mine son.

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There"s no doubt, there never was doubt, nor am ns doing this to annul my paternity and take away my last name as they have said. Ns am act it just as she did, to confirm the paternity and also to phone call the civilization that Matías is mine son."