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23% lead a boring life from here forward

77% reborn through all her memories into a infant of opposing sex.


Would girlfriend Rather

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IF ns WAS A GIRL I would certainly BE therefore SMART and GET right "A"s ALL through SCHOOL and also THEN become THE SLUTTIEST TRASHIEST SEX MONGER THE people HAS ever before SEEN

I"m a baby v the memory of a 22 year old. That"s like adding 22 year of discovering to my life for free. To add I get to experience being both genders. How in the world could you pick otherwise? The various other option also implies the you will be bored no issue the circumstances.

dude, that would be sweeeeet, a brand-new gender to mess around with and you have actually forever to learn, a 1 work old that have the right to do advanced math and juggling FTW

lol, i don"t care of ns am the opposite sex, yet it would certainly be great if I can live mine childhood again and have the memories native my various other childhood. Also, I would certainly be the smartest son in town

BRUH!!?!?!!??! It"s practically like all the guys who desire to be girls just want come to have the ability to have BOOBS!?! WTF MAN!!! ns would just RATHER be a girl than have actually a boring life that"s all! (In fact,a boring life is the precise thing ns DON"T want to happen!)

Born as a baby genius? posesthe yeah, ns don"t also care about the gender part, yet at the very least I could enjoy my body.

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I desire to be a guy. I"m a lesbian and am fucking HATED for it. I prefer math and also science and my classmates bully me due to the fact that I"m a GIRL that likes it. If ns were a man. . . Well, I would be straight, and also would be much more socially accepted for who I am.

i mean sometimes i wish ns was a boy due to the fact that theres the giving birth i beg your pardon is second most painfull thing in a mrs life and also plus over there is the period