Studio: Jack"s tracks Recording StudiosLength: 46:01Label: Capitol NashvilleProducer: Allen Reynolds

SEVENS released November 1997

SEVENS - RIAA certified for sales of end 10 million units, Garth’s seventh studio album debuted in ~ #1 top top both the Billboard height 200 and also Country Albums charts v first-week sales that 896,932. This was the top-selling debut main of any album released in 1997. Sustained by 2 Billboard #1 singles—“Longneck Bottle” and “Two Pina Coladas,” SEVENS topped the optimal 200 chart because that a full of 7 weeks, and the nation chart because that 13 weeks.

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SEVENS is an album complete of collaboration, native the GRAMMY®-winning Trisha Yearwood duet, “In Another’s Eyes,” to the supremely talented Steve Wariner’s “Longneck Bottle,” come the brand-new Grass resurgence anthem, “Do What girlfriend Gotta Do.”

SINGLES: “In Another’s Eyes” (duet through Trisha Yearwood) *“Longneck Bottle” “She’s Gonna make It” *“Two Pina Coladas” “You relocate Me” “Do What you Gotta Do” *#1 Billboard country single

VIDEOS:“In Another’s Eyes” (duet v Trisha Yearwood)

AWARDS: RIAA Diamond Award for sales in overfill of 10 million devices GRAMMY® - ideal Country teamwork with Vocals – “In Another’s Eyes” (1998) Billboard Music Awards – male Album the the Year and also Country Album that the Year (1998) AMA favourite Album/Country (1998)

1. Longneck Bottle 2:15
2. How You ever before Gonna Know 3:35
3. She's Gonna make It 2:45
4. I Don't have to Wonder 3:04
5. Two Piña Coladas 3:34
6. Cowboy Cadillac 2:50
7. Fit because that A King 3:58
8. Do What you Gotta Do 2:57
9. You move Me 4:34
10. In Another's Eyes 3:33
11. When There's no one Around 3:33
12. A girlfriend To Me 3:05

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Take The secrets To my Heart 2:31
14. Belleau Wood 3:29