Sorry. Here's the link: bedbathandbeyond/store/product/drive-medical-gel-seat-cushion/3240550?mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_furniture_&adpos=1o2&creative=39230285509&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KEQjwjtGfBRCN4-LU9ODG1-wBEiQAy_Xp7zmTObTuTSnMIDcANsmRjQOi9Oj2DVVUdgGztYd1PN8aAuNT8P8HAQ
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Yes. Be certain it acquire one. Mom had the starts of a skin ulcer just listed below her coccyx bone. Ns was scared to death, having done wound dressing for her in the past for a skin graft. (It didn't form, thank goodness.)The visiting nurse called me the best gel cushion was available totally free through Medicare, if one qualified because that a wheelchair. We ordered the wheelchair just for the cushion. Having actually seen it, though, I'm sending out the wheelchair back. Rubbish to have Medicare pay because that it just for the cushion.I'm going to acquire one indigenous Bed, bathtub & beyond -- exact same brand -- the 16" x 16" cushion is $28.99. Looks precisely like the one that came v the wheelchair free.What a waste to have actually Medicare pay because that a wheelchair in stimulate to gain it. I'm ordering one this week and sending ago the chair.

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