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"Girl Meets World" season 3 spoilers: The gang visits a very familiar ski lodge in episode 8; will certainly Riley satisfy a brand-new love interest?

(YouTube/DisneyChannelUK)The Riley, Maya, and Lucas love triangle will lastly be addressed in the two-part "Girl Meets Ski Lodge."The Maya, Riley, and also Lucas love triangle will certainly be comes to an end soon. Does the systems to their trouble reside in who else?

The love triangle between Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Riley (Rowan Blanchard), and also Lucas (Peyton Meyer) have actually been simmering ever because season 2"s brand-new Year episode. To their credit, the 3 friends hadn"t allow this issue affect them. However, it seems that they will ultimately put an finish to that once and for all.

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Episode 8 that "Girl Meets World" season 3 will view Maya, Riley, and their friends acquisition a expedition to the famous (or infamous?) ski lodge. "Boy Meets World" fans will certainly remember the this is the exact same lodge where Riley"s father Cory (Ben Savage) kissed someone various other than his then-girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fisher) and also which later led come them break up. But they both learned indigenous the experience and grown stronger for it. This can be the factor why Ben organized this trip.

A trailer for the upcoming two-part episode, title "Girl Meets Ski Lodge: component 1," starts through the group showing up at the ski lodge. Riley is later displayed enjoying a quiet moment at the bay window when a lone sheet flutters in. She apparently had actually an epiphany while perusing the leaf and tells her friends around how nature knows when it"s time to break free and change. She then tells her 2 friends that "this triangle needs to stop ideal now."

No one knows that Lucas would select to be with, yet according come Carter Matt, the young male will supposedly make his choice known in component 2 that the Ski Lodge arc. Interestingly, the trailer also teases the Josh (Uriah Shelton) has likewise joined Cory and Topanga in ~ the ski lodge. Fans will recall the Josh is Maya"s first love. Meanwhile, Riley might also be meeting someone new.

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It"s feasible that the systems the three friends will come up through in their triangle trouble is to simply remain friends and pursue other people. After ~ all, "Girl Meets World" creator Michael Jacobs previously emphasizedthat the love triangle won"t it is in the primary emphasis of the show.