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By Max Nicholson
Warning: Full spoilers from the episode to follow.

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In addition to representing an additional classic Boy Meets World character -- arguably the one we most wanted to recognize around -- this week's Girl Meets World likewise included its own good storyline that echoed sassist character's first appearance. Of course, the character I'm referring to is Mr. Turner (played as soon as again by Anthony Tyler Quinn), the "cool teacher" from John Adams High who was likewise Shawn's guardian for a time. Granted, we've seen BMW characters pop up on this present before, yet the point around Mr. Turner was that his last episode uncovered him in a hospital in instrumental problem, and he was promptly never before viewed nor heard from aget (unmuch less you count one offhand gag in the graduation episode).Suffice to say, "Girl Meets the New Teacher" was a pretty expensive deal for BMW fans, as it described what Mr. Turner had been as much as for the past couple of decades. And what much better means to bring him back than by introducing a new cool english teacher, Harper Burgess (Tania Gunadi). Throughout this season, Girl Meets World has actually played through including an additional teacher, however I'm hoping Harper actually sticks approximately -- particularly after her initially day at John Quincy Adams.

Following Mr. Turner's affinity for X-Men, Harper took her fandom a step additionally by teaching Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, highlighting the ambiguity of "Good vs. Evil" while also revealing the literary worth of comic books. This leschild was particularly timely provided the upcoming Batmale v Supermale movie, and the kids actually provided a pretty excellent evaluation of Miller's '86 classic. But the finest part was that TDKR resembled the friction between Harper ("Batman") and Stuart Pankin's Principal Yancy ("Superman"). (As a side note, I loved just how this episode playtotally teased the concept of Cory becoming the new primary at some allude, simply like Mr. Feeny did in Boy.)But obviously the highlight of "Girl Meets the New Teacher" was seeing Mr. Turner aacquire, that not only turned out to be the superintendent of John Quincy Adams but additionally apparently hired Cory as a teacher ago in the day. (Awesome!) Just hearing Mr. Turner refer to Cory as "Matthews!" aacquire was sufficient to provide me goosebumps, however it was compounded by the truth that Quinn looked and also acted the precise exact same as he did all those years earlier. (Seriously, did this male age a day?) And while I would have loved to have actually viewed a reunion in between Mr. Turner and also Shawn -- they're undoubtedly conserving that moment for another episode -- I literally teared up once Mr. Turner described to Maya that he believed of Shawn as a kid, and also still does.Similar to last week's Eric-centric episode, this week's "New Teacher" was wonderfully created, bringing the old and also the brand-new together. Aacquire, it helped there wasn't a pointless B story drawing attention amethod from the main arc. In that means it felt prefer a timeless Boy Meets World episode -- sharp, concentrated -- many thanks to Harper's comic book lesson. Overall, one of the much better (if not the best) episodes in Seakid 2.
"Girl Meets the New Teacher" delivered on the extremely anticipated return of Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr. Turner, and likewise presented a good new character in the Frank Miller-lovin" Harper Citizen.

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