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Kelly Sullivan. (Getty)

The newest life time movie is offer Me mine Baby, i m sorry stars The Young & The Restless‘ Kelly Sullivan together a mom who finds the end her fertility medical professional isn’t top top the level. The movie debuts on life time at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, might 27. Read on for a preview.

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The movie centers on a couple (Sullivan and Gabriel Hogan) that hope to finally have a child. They fulfill with a fertility doctor (Sofia Milos), only to find out that she’s no as valuable as she seems. In fact, she has actually some scary ulterior motives.

The film to be directed and also co-written by Danny J. Boyle, no to be perplexed with the much an ext famous Oscar-winner Danny Boyle. Danny J. Boyle directed segment of Comedy Central’s mental of Mencia and Chocolate News. He additionally directed illustration of Carton Network’s significant Crew. Lifetime viewers need to be familiar with his work because he also directed critical year’s Killer Assistant.

The command star of give Me My infant is Kelly Sullivan, who played Sage on The Young & the Restless. She likewise played two various roles on basic Hospital – Kate Howard and Connie Falconeri.

Behind the scenes w/ ours cool director! Can"t wait come share!
milossofia #StrangerInside #MakingMovies

— Kelly Sullivan (
KellySullivanNY) may 4, 2016

Sofia Milos, that plays the villain, is a Swiss actress v dozens that TV roles and recently showed up in episodes of Chicago Justice and also Criminal Minds: past Borders.

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Give Me my Baby formerly aired on the lifetime Movie Network, yet is making its debut top top the main lifetime channel tonight. That was previously titled The Stranger within (and is still indexed on IMDb under the title).

PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, may 27, 2017

TIME: 8 p.m. ET

OTHER AIRINGS:Sunday, may 28 at 12:02 a.m. ETSunday, June 4 in ~ 4:00 p.m. ET

CHANNEL: life time (To uncover out what channel lifetime is because that you, click here to walk to and adjust your provider under “TV Listings.”)

PLOT: “A pair trying to obtain pregnant seeks aid from an acclaimed fertility doctor. Yet when strange events start happening, they suspect their doctor has actually insidious ulterior motives.”

CAST:Sofia Milos together Dr. HartlinKelly Sullivan as LaylaGabriel Hogan together NateLaura Hand together AllisonBrooke Hogan as Shannon

CREDITS:Directed by Danny J. BoyleWritten through Danny J. Boyle & male NicolucciStory by man NicolucciLine Producer: Kami NortonProducers: Stan Spry, Eric Scott WoodsExecutive Producers: Fernando Szew, Carla WoodsProduction Company: Cartel Pictures