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~ a most truly impressive detective work, fans of God the War decoded a puzzle ~ above the cloth map had in the rock Mason execution of the game. However you don’t need their map (or your language skills) to enjoy the reward. Fine walk girlfriend through how to get the Forbidden tight of the periods axe pommel below.

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A note on God of war spoilers

God that War is full of surprises, and also that makes guides particularly tricky come write. We desire to assist you with the game. We don’t want to damn it. For this reason we desire you to know that we’ve written every overview with spoilers in mind. 

If our guide doesn’t appear to get you every items (a chest, for example), yes a factor for that. Fairly than spoil that reason, our tables the contents and also a huge image in the overview indicating spoiler ahead will certainly tell friend when and why you uncover yourself in that situation — in the least spoilery way possible. 

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via

Getting come Muspelheim Tower

The first challenge between you and the legendary axe pommel is obtaining onto Muspelheim tower. Only one of the tower’s elevators works and that one is grounding at the top. Therefore you have to come at it indigenous the other side that the doors.

The path to Muspelheim Tower in reality starts at the Lookout Tower throughout the low Water phase.

Grid watch

Get back to the Lookout Tower beach and clear increase the Nightmares waiting for friend there.

On the best side of the beach — the west end — look because that a crack you have the right to climb. There space spikes sticking down from the top, though, so girlfriend can’t climb it yet. Look to the left for a spinning pillar. Fight it through your axe till the spikes disappear, then rise up.

At the top, follow the route to the right and also jump the gap. Over there will most likely be an ext spikes blocking her path. Revolve around and also hit the spinning pillar some much more until they walk away.

Climb increase the following cliff together well. In ~ the top, revolve left to uncover a wooden chest and also a chain the leads earlier down to the high water area the the Lookout Tower. To the right of the wooden chest is yet another cliff come climb.

Just store climbing until you’re in ~ the top where you’ll uncover a zip line. Ride it down, then deal with the Revenant and Nightmares waiting to fulfill you.

Directly ahead of girlfriend is a More 보다 a Myth shrine. Just to the best of that, you’ll be able to find the Kneel before Thor buried treasure if you picked up the map in Landsuther Mines.

Hop throughout the space to the left the the shrine, then climb the wall. At the top, you’ll view a Legendary chest where you deserve to pick increase a Symbol of Heart enchantment.

Push open up the doors, and you’ll uncover yourself on Muspelheim Tower. There’s a Mystic Gateway on your right and a very tough level 6 Traveler front of you.

Before you leave, make sure to usage the elevator on her left to get it functioning — and give friend a way up native the Lake.

Muspelheim Tower

Once you have actually Muspelheim Tower accessible (and girlfriend cleared the end that pesky Traveler), friend can insurance claim your new favorite axe pommel.

To “reveal the forgotten treasure,” you need to stand in the center of the gold circle inlaid ~ above the optimal of the tower and also look in a collection of particular directions. And you need to do it pretty quickly. We’re going to walk you with it as merely as possible with so girlfriend don’t need to worry around anything else while going with the steps.

Our directions because that the four things you’ll be looking in ~ are:

Left — the brazier on the left side of the tower.Straight — Tyr’s Temple directly ahead the youRight — the brazier on the best side of the towerDown — the floor.

Below, you can watch a GIF of united state doing it effectively (after many, many tries). We’ll placed the particular steps below that.


You may uncover it helpful to insanity L2 come “confirm” each point you’re looking at. This no necessary, yet it helps store you aimed in the appropriate direction.

Don’t rush, however don’t go sluggish either. You have a set amount the time to get through every 10 steps and any too-long pause will make you need to start over.

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There’s a gong sound that will play after you properly make the to step five. Don’t pause and also wait because that this, and don’t permit it distract you. It’s simply to allow you recognize you’re ~ above the appropriate path.