Hail come the King is the 5th Dwarven Favour (Side Quest) for Brok & Sindri in God of battle 2018. This walkthrough will guide you v all objectives of Hail to the King Favor and details the 3 an essential locations to go into the Konunsgard stronghold. You need to beaten the story and also completed 2 favors for Brok and 2 because that Sindri in Midgard to gain this last favor indigenous them at Brok’s Shop in Tyr’s Temple.

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Quest Giver: Brok (at one of his shops)Reward: Runic strike “Fire of Ares”, Dwarven Armor recipe (Brok’s Armor + Sindri’s Armor), 3290XPTrophy: choose Oil and Water

Hail to the King – starting Location

The favor starts by talking to Brok at his shop in Tyr’s temple. It’s only easily accessible after the story and also after having done all various other favors because that Brok and Sindri (2 for each the them, see the links in overview above).

Starting location of “Hail to the King”, at Brok’s Shop

Go to Konùnsgard stronghold

Brok and Sindri tell you about an armor worthy that the gods and also send you to Konunsgard to investigate. Together usual, mark the donate in your “Goals” and also follow the waypoints. You’ll have to get in through the “Konunsgard” sea tunnel, simply north the the forgotten Caverns. The red heat in the image listed below shows the route you should take – you can only go by boat.


Use the Konunsgard Entry rock that Brok offered you to open the gate leading come the search marker. Once you reach Konunsgard, talk to Sindri at his shop. Climate follow the waypoint downhill. There’ll be part poison fog which you can freeze by throw the axe at it. The enemies in this area room weak to the blades of Chaos. After ~ the poison fog you concerned a cut down in front of the stronghold’s main gate. The following objective begins.

Collect keys to get in stronghold

Key place #1

The very first key is in plain sight in former of the stronghold’s main gate, wherein the critical objective has ended. You deserve to pick it increase from the corpse and place in top top the pedestal.

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Key ar #2 – Left Side

We’re taking the path on the left first!

Follow the path on the left side every the means to the end. Halfway v you encounter some werewolves. A combo of her runic attacks and Atreus’ arrows will certainly make rapid work the them. Take keep in mind of the blue “crystal holder” beside the werewolves. At the finish of the path there’s a rock ancient (screenshot #1). The won’t assault on its own but killing it may yield some sources for do the old Armor Set. Continue up the course behind the stone Ancient and also push along the wall to the other side (screenshot #2).