If the stars fall down ~ above meAnd the sun refuse come shineThen may the shackles be undone,And every the old words, cease to rhyme.If the skies, turn right into stone,It will issue not in ~ all,For there is no sky in the sky,Hell does not wait for our downfall,Let the voice of reason shine,Let the pious vanish for all times,God"s challenge is, hidden, all unseen,You can"t ask that what it all meansHe was never on her side,God was never ever on her sideLet best or wrong, alone decide,God was never ever on your side.

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See the ten thousand ministries,See the divine righteous dogs,They case to healbut all they do is steal,Abuse your faith, cheat & rob.If god is wise, why is that still,When these false prophetscall that friends,Why is that silent, is he blind,Are we abandoned in the end?Let the sword of reason shine,Let united state be free of prayer & shrineGod"s confront is hidden, turned awayHe never has actually a word to sayHe was never on your sideGod was never ever on her sideLet ideal or wrong, alone decide,God was never on her side.(No, No, No)He was never on your side,God was never ever on your sideNever, Never, Never, Never,Never on her side God was never on her side,Never on her side.

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