Copy-paste the Google Play code that delivered to your email attend to to proccasion any typo errors, and don’t use spaces or dashes when you kind in the code.

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Error redeeming code

You must update the region/attend to settings of your Google Play account. Instructions:

Go to on Settings on the left of the web page.Check the Country/Region area, and also make sure that your nation matches the country of your gift card.

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Cards are not valid in your nation or are unable to redeem it

*** Important:

You have the right to only readjust your Play country when per year. You won’t be able to use your Google Play balance that you have in your old nation in your brand-new country.If you cant change country, attempt to clear your cache or check if your application is updated.

Note: Verify if VPN use is acceptable to your financial establishments as soon as doing virtual transactions. Many of them will not allow VPN usage as they desire to track your IP attend to as a simple security meacertain.

Error redeeming code. Error Code: BM-RGCH-06.

You should upday the region/deal with settings of your Google Play account. Instructions:Go to on “Settings” on the left of the web page.Check the “Country” area, and make sure that your country matches the country of your gift card.

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If you’re still having actually trouble redeeming your code, please open a brand-new assistance ticket and also incorporate the details below so we have the right to aid you better: 

1. Order / Transactivity ID

2. PayPal email address and/or Delivery email attend to (if different from PayPal email address)

3. Type manually the product crucial (code or pre-loaded account details)

4. Screenswarm of the pop-up/error message "

5. More indevelopment (if any)

NOTE: We don"t provide replacements/refunds for assets that are already reunderstood to the account. Refunds are only processed gave that the product is in its unprovided condition and also deserve to be offered on. Used products are not eligible for refunds.