Vogue’s editor-in-chief opens up on she time with Grace, and recalls she favourite shoots, reproduced in our books

Having worked as an initial a model, climate a creative director, grace Coddington has uncovered a brand-new career in later on life, together a talk-show host. Her new interview series, challenge to Grace, for Made to measure up Studios, has already featured Sophia Copolla, Ansel Elgort and Mr Chow, among other luminaries.

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However, Grace’s recent tête-à-tête is a actual treat: she’s simply posted a trailer for she interview through Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

In the footage, Wintour praises Grace’s “amazing” books, Grace: Thirty year of Fashion in ~ Vogue, and also Grace: The American Vogue Years. “I have great affection because that the fairy tales,” Wintour go on to say, referring to Coddington’s fantastical, high-production shoots, which attribute in both volumes.



The interview likewise dips right into the pair’s functioning practices. Apparently, Coddington did no reveal lot to Wintour when she was producing these incredible shoots. “I would have actually really no idea what would certainly come back,” says Wintour, “as you recognize you are incredibly secretive.”

Nevertheless, the experienced relationship flourished, in spite, or perhaps therefore tension. “There was always such a heightened feeling of excitement once I knew friend were functioning on those stories,” Wintour recalls.

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You deserve to watch the clip here, and also see the books Anna is explicate here. Also, look out for ours forthcoming book Marc Jacobs Illustrated which grace collaborated on v Marc and Sofia Coppola. Take a look at it in the store.


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