Graco has come to be synonymous through quality repaint sprayers. Solidly built, well-designed, and with factor to consider towards competent painters and beginners alike, Graco is a trusted brand.

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The LTS 15 airless repaint sprayer is no different. Practically the exact same as the X5, the LTS 15 is the Lowe’s exclusive model that features a lightweight plastic framework rather 보다 the more heavier steel uncovered on the X5.

The Graco LTS 15 has been changed with the Graco X5

The Graco LTS 15 have the right to still (occasionally) be uncovered for revenue online, yet stocks and spares are dwindling as it has actually been changed with the updated Graco Magnum X5.

Check out our full review the the Graco X5 which offers the very same performance, in ~ the exact same price. Alternatively, take it a look at its bigger brother, the Graco Magnum X7.

When to buy a repaint sprayer the LTS 15 is just one of the best alternatives for who looking to take on medium level projects like interior walls and ceilings as well as outdoor work like real estate exteriors, fencing and doors.

The sprayer comes with several distinctive features that make the LTS efficient and easy to occupational with.

These include a stainless-steel pump, a power Flush adaptor, a PushPrimer button, adjustable pressure control, and also a reversable pointer for clog removal.

While the LTS 15 is not a perfect a tool and also does have its issues, the is a wonderful sprayer to have actually for family maintenance. Let’s take it a closer look.

The Basics that the Graco LTS 15



The LTS 15 provides a metal SG2 gun that feels solid and uses a full palm create for much better control. It have the right to be used with tips as much as 0.015. “This model additionally comes through a 515 RAC IV guideline which can get rid of clogs and also is an excellent for medium thick coatings v a pattern dimension width the 10-12.

The motor is ½ speech which deserve to pump approximately 3000 PSI that pressure. When linked with the SG2 gun, this unit can spray an outstanding 0.27 gallons every minute.

While the LTS 15 comes with a 25 ft DuraFlex hose, the pump deserve to be hooked to up to 75 feet there is no affecting the top quality of the spray or over-working the motor. The recommended annual usage is 125 gallons which should be simply fine for anyone working with basic home maintenance.

Contractors who could expect daily usage should invest in the “Pro” series but through that stated they might advantage from having actually this an effective little sprayer tucked away for emergencies.

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The Good


The materials are of high quality and well designed. The pump is stainless stole which renders the sprayer dependable both in top quality of performance and its lifespan. With suitable care, you need to not need to worry about investing in another sprayer because that a really long time.

Unlike its virtually identical twin, the LTS 15 comes v a plastic rather than a stole frame.

The benefit is lot lighter an equipment overall, however it is less durable and more prone to moving about at higher levels. This is same tradeoff, however, since the LTS 15 is aimed more at medium jobs around the home rather 보다 anything heavy duty.

Perhaps its most attractive feature is the PowerFlush adaptor. Anyone v some experience using repaint sprayers knows the the worst and also most time-consuming component is the cleaning process.

Furthermore, it have the right to never it is in skipped if you want to extend the expectancy of your sprayer. The PowerFlush adapter makes this extremely easy by allowing the user come hook up the sprayer to a garden hose for quick and basic cleaning. This can reduced down a project’s time significantly.

Starting up any pump can be a pain as soon as you want to obtain going ~ above a task right away. The LTS 15 provides this straightforward with the PushPrime attribute which permits the pump to be began with the press of a button. Priming is therefore straightforward and much less of a hassle.

The adjustable pressure manage located next to the intake pipe is well-designed. It permits fine-tuning for any type of job through a spectrum of settings from “low spray” to “high spray” that gets approximately 3000 PSI.

There are additionally cleaning and roller setups which is designed to obtain the ideal finishing texture on any kind of job.

Lastly, the sprayer comes with both a manual and DVD that makes set-up and also use a much simpler experience because that beginners. The is a kind gesture the helps the procedure be much much less intimidating and also allows any user to acquire over the discovering curve that comes v a brand-new paint sprayer.

The Bad

By much the most typical complaint is that sprayer clogs really easily. Thicker products seem bound come block up the machine. Thus, the is especially important to double-check that your preferred materials will certainly actually job-related well v the LTS 15. Graco makes a valiant effort to resolve this problem with the RAC tip.

This is just taken off and reversed to blast out any kind of blockages. However, the frequency of the clogs is quiet a frustrating procedure to carry out over and also over.

The whole unit is really lightweight which makes moving and also storage a breeze. However, when using the sprayer at top settings, the pump has a propensity to vibrate and move approximately a bit. When working with 3000 PSI or around there, it can be a good idea come brace it against something.

This is cumbersome but should not be too much of an concern for many projects.

While this device has some trusted accuracy, overspray has actually been a report issue. This have the right to be remedied through covering and also masking everything around the job. Be especially careful with exterior work through using smaller tips and also take the time to practice and also get previous the discovering curve.

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The Graco LTS 15 in terms of an airless paint sprayer is a terrific machine. Because that anyone with internal jobs or looking around for one exterior paint sprayer, girlfriend cannot go wrong investing in Graco. Whatever from the PushPrime button to the DVD, make setup up incredibly basic and hassle-free. If the power is perfect for medium level jobs.

The LTS 15 is versatile in that it deserve to handle most materials like acrylics, latex, and stains.

However, thicker, textured products should be avoided and solvents. It is simple to clean, carry and also store i m sorry again is perfect because that projects about the home. It might be advantageous to professionals who want a straightforward back-up machine, yet it is not designed to handle huge projects.

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For anyone else though, you yes, really cannot go wrong investing in the LTS 15 or any of Graco’s non-Pro lines.