motivated by the freshly closed question. Most contemporary media contact a vampire/werewolf cross breed "hybrids". Execute these hybrids exist in mythology or old literature in ~ all? If they execute what room they called?



As implied by Christi"s post, the Romanian legends (which is the basic for many of the renowned Western material worrying the actions of werewolves and vampires) actually intricately link vampires and also werewolves. In the "original" stories, a werewolf i do not care a vampire by gift killed and then improperly disposed of; if merely buried, the werewolf will rise from the dead together a vampire.

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So, over there is no such thing as a "hybrid" in the classic vampire mythologies. Castle have typical origins, but the timeless stories have both of this creatures wanting humans much more for food than anything else, and not generally taking care of their brothers species. The idea that a hybrid is mainly a "newer 보다 they think castle are" trope along the lines of "wouldn"t it it is in cool if..."


I don"t think I can do any better than this.

Summary: No certain word exists, back the Romanian indigenous Vârcolac would be a great candidate due to the fact that it deserve to mean one of two people vampire or werewolf.

There is a word for a vampire-human hybrid - dhampyre.


Neither the vampire myth no one the werewolf legend universally cure those problems as transmittable ones. Watch Creating Vampires and also Becoming a werewolf ~ above Wikipedia.

It is likely that hybrids did not exist in folklore; or if they go (e.g., a werewolf that drank blood or a vampire that might transform right into wolf form) they would just be dubbed by one hatchet or the other.


I think I have the right to remember in some sitcom, the hybrid the vampire and werewolf was referred to as "Werepire". Not certain if canon or simply a funny dialogue.

Coming come history, some myths have were-wolfs drinking blood. Yet this could be simply a side impact of the attack and not for satisfying hunger. Therefore a shapeshifter who drank blood would still be called a werewolf and also so it can have to be a case of mistake chronicling and the idea of hybrid more modern due come man"s penchant to create more and an ext horrible creatures in fiction.

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But if us look at spiritual mythology, we have actually creatures drinking blood however are neither werewolf no one vampire. (ex: god narasimha in indian mythology.) for this reason If one have the right to find similar charactersitics also though they are neither werewolf nor vampire yet have either"s qualities, that would certainly be the answer. Remember that in various mythologies, werewolfs can not even be dubbed werewolfs also if they loss under the exact same category. Top top the exact same principle we should look at creatures based upon their attributes rather 보다 the name.