Work your means through this free printable Halloween maze to reach the spooky jack-o-lantern in ~ the center. Mazes are an excellent for vacation parties, classroom activities or simply something funny to carry out with the youngsters on merganser days.

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Take a look at several of these supervisor cute Halloween themed pens and pencils you can use to job-related on the maze:

Halloween PencilsThese pencils feature fun Halloween themed graphics such together ghosts, Jack-O-Lanterns, black color cats, spider webs and more! They would certainly be great for goody bags, party favors or video game prizes. Click here to check out the Halloween pencils ~ above Amazon.

Halloween PensAnd if you’re feeling specifically braze, you can work on the maze in ink! These pens feature big Halloween themed personalities on top. They would definitely make a distinct party favor or Halloween treat instead of handing the end candy. See them here on Amazon.

Free Printable Halloween Maze

This totally free printable Halloween maze was produced to fit ~ above a conventional 8.5×11 inch item of file or cardstock.

Please feel totally free to download and also print as many copies of the Halloween maze together you would certainly like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the game papers in any type of way. This maze was intended come be offered for personal or classroom usage only.


The connect to download the Halloween maze is located at the bottom the this post.

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