No stranger to stirring up controversy, Halsey is as soon as again under hot water for she social media. In April of 2018, the singer led to a stir when she tweeted about not wanting to usage "white human being shampoo," leading her to protect her comments and also discuss her biracial background. 

When #HalseyIsOverParty started trending on Twitter, fans to be wondering why world wanted the singer to be canceled. Some stated it was since of Halsey's tweet about kissing fans method back in 2014. 


Like that or not, cancel culture is a trend among social media users to show when they're not happy with the antics or ideas of a celebrity. Halsey's previous Twitter behavior has been referred to as into question before, as few of her pre-fame tweets haven't exactly aged well.

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Many people began tweeting around canceling Halsey, yet Twitter customers couldn't exactly agree ~ above why they were doing so.

In 2014, Halsey tweeted, "I save promising underage fans that I'm gonna make out through them. Ns am for this reason going to jail." In the years since she very first put this tweet out, Halsey has actually deleted it.

Halsey allegedly used to kiss pan at she concerts to help them come out, or to be their very first kisses. Despite she's due to the fact that stopped law this, pan are currently calling the out. 

In 2015, a video clip of her kissing a pan at a concert was released, and also people started saying the the girl Halsey kissed was underage at the time. Others stated this was definitely not the very first or only time that Halsey had actually done this in ~ a concert, and that she tweet to be proof the this. She supposedly stopped kissing pan at meet-and-greets and at her concerts due to the fact that she suffers indigenous an autoimmune disease.


Some fans pertained to the singer's defense, saying that it was all harmless, and also that she only kissed fans that wanted to be kissed. Others said that the incidents developed years ago, and that it wasn't same to be shaming she now.

Several Twitter customers also detailed that Halsey has actually done a lot for the LGBTQ+ community because she came to be famous (Halsey is open bisexual) and that she shouldn't be judged for her behavior so numerous years earlier.  

The singer has yet to speak the end on she now-deleted tweet. But, because she go delete that in the past, she likely has actually realized exactly how problematic the is in today's climate. 


While showing up on Ellen, Halsey finally shown that she is date American horror Story alum Evan Peters. During the pre-Halloween show, Ellen make the efforts to fear the singer by having actually a member of her staff jump out during their interview. 

"You distracted me through the boyfriend question, ns wasn't ready," Halsey said. "I don't understand what's scarier, having actually to talk around my boyfriend on TV or having actually that happen!"

Ellen had brought up Halsey and Evan's pair costume for the AHS 100th episode party. The pair dressed as Sonny and Cher, yet Halsey only started referring to Evan as her friend on Ellen.

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Prior come going public v Evan, Halsey was attached to singer Yungblud. She shown their break-up several days before the Ellen interview, saying the the two simply broke up, and also that there was no cheating or drama associated in the end of your relationship.

Who Is Halsey dating Now? – "The there is no Me" Singer Is life Without Yungblud