Happy birthday! Um…to Lord of the Rings, I mean. Tolkien’s masteritem turned 63 on Saturday.

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Yes, I’m a little late (fashionably, I’d like to think) to the party. After all, wizards are never late, nor are they beforehand. They arrive precisely when they mean to. But the very same can’t be said for busy bloggers.


While reading Jenelle Schmidt’s LOTR celebration article this morning, I additionally learned the exciting reality that Tolkien started functioning on The Hobbit in 1917—100 years back (though I probably kbrand-new that and simply forgot somewright here alengthy the way). How around that? Two birthdays for the price of one.

This post is going to take an imaginative technique to this Lord of the Rings birthday party. Also bereason I’ve currently created LOTS OF LOTR POSTS on a variety of topics.

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If you look at pop culture, the influence of Tolkien’s work-related is undeniable. Lord of the Rings in specific has actually provided fantasy a classic epic and left its note in countless methods.


With that in mind, I desire to celebrate our beloved LOTR fandom through a compilation of GIFs and memes, ranging from overused to hilarious. With some randomness thrown in for great meacertain.