Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 episode 14 Review: Ikliki ns Ka La O Keawalua (Depressed through The warm of Kealwalua)

Flippa"s murdered girlfriend Luka was battling versus one type of prejudice, counseling those in the LBGTQ community.

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He initially seemed to it is in a creep hitting ~ above a young girl, but he was actually trying to assist her escape from conversion therapy.

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Annie"s spiritual parents thought about her broken because she was exploring her sexuality and checked her into a credible regimen to "straighten her out."

Since this to be damn close come kidnapping and child abuse, their initiatives didn"t walk over well v Five-0, particularly Grover.


But that turned the end that Luka was simply in the wrong location at the dorn time, with a Neo-Nazi carjacking his valve to usage in his glorious mission.

It was something that a copout to carry up the fact that mental disease runs in Connor"s family.

That way, it can be claimed that he just wasn"t in his best mind.

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Connor"s jail mate Barton didn"t have that excuse, as he was the one that indoctrinated Connor in the Neo-Nazi belief.

Since the was already in prison, all that can be excellent is come make sure he never obtained out again.

Once the squad determined that Barton to be Connor"s mentor, he really let loose, violation Grover and also calling McGarrett basically a gyeongju traitor.

Growing up in Hawaii and serving in the military, Steve was never going to think the way Barton did.

I to be surprised they didn"t go an ext over the edge about Barton"s hate speech.


Shouldn"t someone have actually become conscious of what Connor to be up to? Granted, his mother just let him stay in his locked room, so apparently, the came and also went as he pleased.

This was a very good episode because that Jerry. His computer an abilities kept them virtually caught up with Connor.

He even kicked open up a door, i m sorry I would never have expected when he very first came ~ above the scene back on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 episode 3.

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Hearkening ago to his conspiracy-nut days, it"s hard to believe the strides Jerry has actually made.

Although us don"t acquire near sufficient of him, his skills have made him an integral part of the job force. While Junior and also Tani are comfortable v computers, Jerry is the man.

Still, Jerry has things come learn. Because that example, if you"re pursuing a bomber, make sure he hasn"t rigged his computer to explode before you grab it.

That didn"t slow Jerry down, however that could have been poor news.


Having recruited HPD to aid up v the find for Connor, that did seem to take longer than the should have to locate him.

Granted, he showed up to it is in getting assist from neighborhood Neo-Nazis, however he had actually his very own workspace and also was able come switch the end vans so the he could deliver his bomb to the neighborhood center.

But Connor was uncovered just in time, for Steve to wrestle that down and also Grover come shoot him.

All"s well that ends well, although you have to wonder how huge a group of Neo-Nazis there was in Hawaii.

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This case had a special affect on Grover.

I assumption: v he thought he"d left the prejudice behind once he moved to Hawaii.


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It soon came to be clear the it was more than that, v Grover a ticking bomb throughout.

Fortunately, he to be able to continue to be under regulate despite the hatred spewing out of Barton"s mouth.

Finally, he told McGarrett the entirety story about how he had actually been beaten up by rednecks in landscape Illinois for daring to concern the racialism remarks they to be making.

He was still reminded of that day by an injured finger which flares up every time it rains.

At the very least there was a kum ba yah moment at the end when Flippa"s bandmates and also Annie psychic Luka for the ways he made the human being better.

With a multi-racial group raising their lights high, it shown Hawaii as it should be, emphasizing that the dislike of Annie"s parents, Barton and Connor was very much a minority.

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To follow Jerry"s development, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Did you gain seeing Jerry featured? How around Grover digging right into his history? carry out you feeling you know more about Flippa after this?

Comment below.

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Don"t perform that. Don"t beat you yourself up.

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