Behind The Meme was a YouTube webseries launched by Kyle Bryce that explains the beginnings of and offers analysis on trending memes. Due to the fact that its launch in august 2016, the collection has grown right into a famous meme explainer on the video-sharing platform, garnering end 600,000 subscribers and 50 million channel views within the an initial six months. Regardless of its energetic presence on YouTube, the collection has been the target that derision in specific meme areas due come its tone, unoriginal content, and the perception that he kills memes after he reviews them by make them obtainable to normies. The channel ceased task in December 2018 adhering to several fake self-destruction vlogs.

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Online History

Behind the Meme"s YouTube channel released on respectable 12th, 2016.<1> The channel is operation by Kyle Bryce. Top top his channel, he lists a California PO Box. His first video was uploaded on respectable 13th, explaining Dicks the end For Harambe (shown below).

As of march 8th, 2017, the channel has accrued end 646,000 subscribers. Few of his most well-known episodes have obtained over one million views, including his videos for Cash Me Ousside, The Dab, We space Number One, and Yee.






Anthony Fantano Parody

On November 12th, 2016, thatistheplan, the meme-explainer channel of Anthony Fantano, released a video on Rickrolling parodying the style of Behind The Meme. Fantano criticizes Behind the Meme"s scripts by analysis the entrance in broken english. He likewise says the channel talks under to that is audience prefer its full of 6 year olds and accuses the channel the regurgitating details on know Your Meme.

The complying with day, Behind The Meme responded to Fantano"s video clip by posting a video where that addressed several of the objections Fantano lobbed and also got his mother to roast him by calling the a geek.


Though popular, Behind the picture is despised in certain meme communities. Often, that is accused of being a normie and also cancer in comment on his videos (ex: presented below).<2>


The channel is specifically loathed on meme-focused subreddits such together /r/dankmemes and /r/MemeEconomy. Because that example, on in march 8th, 2017, photo of a Behind The picture comments ar asking the channel to evaluation Expanding mind caused a line in both subreddits. In /r/dankmemes, the screenshot was posted through the title, "Behind the meme, if you"re out there, ~ above Reddit, I"m begging you, don"t carry out this come us. This picture is just a boy, it has actually so much to live for" (shown below).<3>


On /r/MemeEconomy, the sugreddit responds come Behind the meme actions by crying "Sell!" at any time he reviews or is motivated to review a meme.<4>


On February 19th, 2017, an anonymous 4chan user required to /r9k/ to complain around Behind the Meme and also ask exactly how 4chan could take it down. In response, another user said that in every video, 4chan commenters need he sheathe "Zenzi," a meme that doesn"t exist, and also downvote every video in which that doesn"t cover Zenzi, i m sorry they thought would an outcome in Behind The Meme gaining frustrated and also quitting (screenshot shown below). It shows up the initial thread has actually been deleted, despite a comparable thread has been archived.

Behind The picture quickly uncovered what to be going on and thwarted the check 4chan raid by creating an explainer video for Zenzi the same day as the raid. The video turned right into less of an explainer and more of an extended riff ~ above the elitism of part meme communities. Behind The Meme"s quick and also accurate response to Zenzi caused the Zenzi raid being reputed a failure.

Plagiarism Accusations

Behind the Meme has actually been accused in the past for accused plagiarizing know Your Meme. In Anthony Fantano"s parody of Behind the Meme, the sarcastically says "This is the part where ns regurgitate details I discovered on know Your Meme, however you"re for this reason stupid, girlfriend think i researched it." The channel"s propensity to steal know Your meme information has actually been a noticeable tendency for the followers. Because that example, in his episode for What in Tarnation, he says:<6>

“What in Tarnation?” is an older saying that is often linked with the Southern says of America.

The "About" section for the understand Your image entry because that the meme reads:

“What in Tarnation?” is a rhetorical question definition “what in damnation?”, i m sorry is often associated with Americans living in the southern United claims expressing incredulous bewilderment.


On June 3rd, 2017, Behind The picture uploaded a "Draw my Life" episode to his channel in which the admitted his name was Kyle Bryce (shown below). On august 4th, 2017, that uploaded a since-deleted video explaining Crash Bandicoot Woah. This led to him being doxxed.

On august 5th, 2017, Bryce was doxxed through user Jaxon Richardson of Hollaforums, that posted links to Bryce"s social media profiles and also his address. A thread was posted come /r/OutOftheLoop<7> about the doxxing the next day. This led to enhanced criticism of the channel and also another tide of harsh criticism, specifically on /r/memeeconomy and 4chan, despite it is at this time unclear the degree to i beg your pardon the doxxing has affected Bryce"s personal life.


Suicide Vlog Series

On September 20th, 2018, the Behind the picture channel uploaded a video clip titled "1. The Beginning," featuring first-person perspective clip of a male picking up a bottle of vodka in a supermarket (shown below, left). ~ above September 22nd, a video titled "2. The Future" was uploaded come the channel, in i beg your pardon the show"s creator discusses how the an adverse reaction to the Behind the Meme collection led him to depression and also shows his an individual living room on camera (shown below, right).

On September 24th, the channel exit a video clip titled "3. The Middle," in which the channel creator drives to a lookout come observe website traffic at night while musing about the nature of humanity (shown below, left). ~ above September 26th, he posted a video clip titled "4. The Past" in which he return home, drinks more vodka and can it is in heard sobbing while speak "everybody hates me," that he has actually no "family or friends" and also how the YouTube channel lugged him both joy and negativity (shown below, right).

That day, Polygon<8> published an write-up reporting the "sources in ~ the YouTube community" asserted that authorities to be contacted about the videos.

Fake self-destruction Video

On September 28th, Bryce uploaded a final video in which he is presented shooting self in the head through a pistol prior to collapsing to the ground. The video clip was subsequently removed from YouTube from YouTube because that violating neighborhood guidelines but was renewed again by YouTuber cobrasrock (shown below).

That day, Bryce uploaded an additional version the the final video, special a clip of a puppy as he reads the script for the fake suicide video clip (shown below, left). Meanwhile, a video explaining the five-part series was posted to the channel (shown below, right). In the video, Bryce apologizes for tricking viewers right into thinking he had actually committed suicide yet admitted the the videos were an "accurate portrayal" that his past reactions to an adverse feedback on YouTube. Additionally, Bryce claimed that the videos were created to "kill" his channel.

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On September 30th, Bryce uploaded a video clip titled "The Cops pertained to My House due to the fact that Of my Videos!", in i beg your pardon he disputed how he was saw by the authorities because that his fake suicide video (shown below).

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