Fimco 3.8 GPM High-Flo Pump is a 12 volt 3.8 GPM diaphragm pump through 45 PSI maximum pressure. Demand switch style for procedure only once liquid circulation is required. Pump and also motor avoid instantly as soon as discharge is closed. Other functions of the Fimco High-Flo Pump include: on/off switch, self priming capability, built-in cooling fan, ball bearing drive, santoprene diaphragm and viton valves. Best temperature that pumped fluid is 130 degrees. 11 AMP draw


12 volt diaphragm pump3.8 GPM45 PSI max pressure11 Amp drawReady for round-upNo flammable or flammability fluidsEach pump has an internal fan which cools the pump during operation by up to 50%Motor windings have actually been enhanced to assist dissipate heat

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WARNING: This product deserve to expose you come chemicals consisting of Antimony oxide (Antimony trioxide), i beg your pardon is known to the State of California to reason cancer and also birth defects or various other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


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Fimco 5275088 Gold series High-Flo Sprayer Pump, 12 Volt, 3.8 GPM

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