Sometimes, end a hundred and fifty years old residences do not have actually the setup for central air conditioning, therefore requiring ductwork insulation. However if you favor not to install the ductwork, you can install a mini-split or high-velocity air conditioning unit instead. But what’s the difference between the two? and what room their similarities? We’ve researched both species of units, and also in this post, we will compare and also contrast them.

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High-velocity a/c units carry out air air conditioning to structures with no ductwork. Rather of forcing cooled air v ductwork, they usage flexible easy-to-install tubes inserted in the walls and also ceilings of homes. Mini-split air conditioning systems space operated through an the end compressor and also indoor units that it is provided air directly in each room of a home. These wall-mounted solution don’t call for ductwork and also are reasonably easy come install and operate.

While neither device is have to worse or better than the other, they have actually distinctive distinctions worth noting before installation. And also having one initial idea of what your installation spending plan is will aid narrow down your decision. Continue reading come learn around which unit might be finest given particular factors.


Comparing High-Velocity wait Conditioning and Mini-Split Systems


Ductless Mini-Split air Conditioners

Ductless or “mini-split” equipment don’t require ductwork, as the outside unit that their device is associated through a little hole in the home’s exterior, allowing the interior unit to carry out air air conditioning to the residence or apartment. The out unit draws all of the heat air indigenous outside, cools it, and also then it is intended it straight to the room.

AdvantagesThey room efficient

Mini-split equipment have innovative technology, which makes them really efficient. They have the right to quickly and also easily transform high-voltage electricity, allowing them to operation on very little energy. Their compressors can additionally run at varying speeds. If you find a mini-split mechanism with a SEER rating end 25, you can be sure that this will aid you save on your power bill.

Varied Zoning

Mini-split systems enable you to establish zones in your residence to make rooms more comfortable according to occupancy. Because that example, if you have an north bedroom in your home, you can collection it to a different temperature 보다 a constantly occupied bedroom. You deserve to have many indoor units in your home running at various temperature settings at once, make this one of the most useful benefits of mini splits.

They are really quiet

These solution don’t make much noise as soon as operating, which is just one of their best features. Ductless systems, unlike home window systems or central air, operate much much more quietly than high-velocity systems. If you’re someone that prefers one a/c device that doesn’t sound choose freight van driving approximately inf your home, a mini-split unit is worth considering.

No duct installation

As discussed previously, mini-split solution don’t need ductwork. This method saving numerous dollars on contractors for the units’ installation. The only installation essential is because that the interior units, which have the right to be done fairly quickly and also easily, and also the outside unit, i beg your pardon doesn’t need as much labor as other HVAC systems.


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DisadvantagesFiltration capability

While mini-split equipment do have actually air filters, castle aren’t the most powerful filtration systems available. To rise filtration, customers often include carbon inserts into the mini-split unit to help mitigate this issue. The filtration capability also relies on the brand and model the the ductless system.


Mini-split solution will generally cost more money than high-velocity systems. However, friend will conserve money ~ above the back end regarding your electrical energy bill as result of their low power usage.

Multiple systems needed

Having lot of mini-splits in her home have the right to be distracting from an aesthetic standpoint. Keep in mind that you’ll frequently need a unit for each room come cool it efficiently. This likewise adds to the initial price of mini-split systems, especially if you have a residence with three or an ext rooms.

High-Velocity wait Conditioners

High-velocity solution make for a good heating and cooling option. Not only can they remove up come 30% of humidity from her home, yet they can additionally create an even air temperature transparent the assorted rooms of your home. Let’s take it a look at more of their benefits.

AdvantagesThey aren’t as distracting.

These units are typically placed in the basement, with the vents put in inconspicuous areas of your home–unlike mini-split units. Keep in mind that the vents space pretty small, for this reason they are much less noticeable top top the wall or within closets.

Only one unit is needed

With high-velocity wait conditioners, friend only need one unit because that the whole home instead of one unit in each room. These air conditioning devices can pressure cold air into multiple rooms and also spaces within your home without the extra equipment. This method lower surroundings costs.

They cool fairly fast

High-velocity devices are likewise known for their capability to easily force air right into several rooms in ~ a relatively high rate of speed. Meaning you don’t have to wait for hrs for your entire home to cool down, which is pretty similar to that of central air units.

DisadvantagesUnits deserve to be noisy

On the downside, high-velocity units deserve to be rather noisy as they push air with the little vents about your home. However, some brands are emerging models that have actually sound dampening modern technologies to minimize their noise levels.

Physical discomfort

High-velocity systems force air with their vents in ~ a reasonably high rate of speed. Sit close come a vent can make you physically uncomfortable, especially if the room is top top the smaller side. Building contractors will generally recommend place the vents much away native the seating or sleeping locations within a room to deal with this issue.

How lot Does A High-Velocity Air air conditioning Unit Cost?

On average, a brand-new high-velocity air conditioning device can reason anywhere from $3,000 come $7,000. Store in mind that this depends on her location, the structural setup of your home, and your personal preferences.

How lot Does A Mini separation Air air conditioning Unit Cost?

A usual ductless device can expense anywhere from $2,000 to over $10,000 to install. The mean install price is around $3,000, however. The complete cost will depend on the variety of rooms in her home, as building contractors will typically recommend installing one inner unit per room. Added costs have the right to be occurs if girlfriend have any kind of special zoning requirements.

Can A Mini split Cool A totality House?

Possibly, however it’d have to be a tiny home, such as one that’s 400-500 square feet. There space also certain factors come consider before answering this question. It largely depends ~ above a couple of things. The size of the waiting handlers and also the dimension of the rooms in the home. Various other considerations incorporate the number of windows in the home and also the flooring type.

Contractors will commonly recommend one wait handler per room and also possibly second air handler if the room is end 500 square feet. Save in mind the you deserve to use approximately eight various air handlers while having actually them all connected to one out unit. If you space unsure how plenty of handlers you’ll require for your home, it’s ideal to consult a contractor so that they deserve to come out, performing an inspection, and give you an accurate estimation of the variety of handlers you’ll need and their ideal sizes.

Who renders The finest Mini separation System?


The best way to answer this concern is to go by the SEER rating that the mini-split system. The SEER rating measures the ratio of cooling output contrasted to the lot of power that the unit offers per hour. It’s a an excellent way to determine how reliable the unit is. The being stated, the top contenders would certainly be the Fujitsu general RLS3Y models, which have a SEER rating of up to 33, and the Mitsubishi MUZ-FH models, which have actually a SEER rating of 25. Both unit models carry out over 1200 BTUs of power and also have good warranties.

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Wrapping points Up

It’s a an excellent idea to weigh every one of your choices before deciding even if it is to go v a high-velocity waiting conditioner or a mini-split system. Necessary things to consider include current insulation, her home’s square footage, overall layout, and also the number of people that occupy your home. It’s likewise important to understand what your budget is and also which system will work finest for the framework of your home. A license is granted HVAC professional can aid you narrow under your choices and also plan the end the installation process.