So, Naruto hears the rumor. What will happen? Be warned about the a bit ooc. I really hope you enjoy reading this though. Oh and it's short.

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"I'm back!" a familiar voice rang the end through all of Konoha.

Naruto was ago early and he couldn't believe he had actually survived virtually two weeks without Hinata. His actual showing up date wasn't until three days yet the earlier the far better because he would be rejoined with his beautiful girlfriend much sooner. He to be so busy thinking around Hinata the he ignored the whispers about him. Naruto spotted Hinata's teammates.

'They could know where Hinata is' Naruto assumed in glee.

"Hey, Kiba, Shino." Naruto yelled waving.

This, that course, caught the fist of Kiba v Akamaru and Shino. As they walked in the direction of Naruto Shino quiet mumbled, "Why to be my name stated last?" Kiba was supplied to this and also as usual determined not to respond.

"Hey, guys, have you viewed Hinata?" Naruto immediately asked.

Kiba and Shino provided each other a quick glance before responding v a "no, castle haven't."

"Oh, okay. Well many thanks anyways. I'll keep looking for her then. Bye."

"Wait!" Kiba referred to as out.

Naruto rotate to confront Kiba.

"Don't trust the rumors." with that said, Kiba ongoing on his method with Shino right next to him and also Akamaru.

Naruto to be left confused yet didn't dwell on the for too long. He continued his search for Hinata.

"Do girlfriend think that knows?" a whispered concern behind him reached Naruto's ears.

"I in reality feel negative for him." one more whisper was heard by him.

"Shhh. He can hear us."

"Well, he has actually a best to understand that his girl friend is cheating on him."

Naruto couldn't think what the heard. They need to be talking about some various other girl. Hinata would never ever cheat on him.

"Can you believe it, though? The Hyuga heiress  cheating with that traitor, Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto couldn't hear anymore of this stupid rumors. The remembered Kiba's words. 'Don't to trust the rumors' but could they in reality be speaking the truth. Naruto wanted to punch himself. He to be doubting Hinata. Sweet, kind, loyal Hinata. That made sure to ignore the rumors and also began come walk in the direction of his apartment. Hopefully, Hinata would be there. She had the key to his house and occasionally offered it to get in his residence to water his plant while he to be away.  Naruto opened the door and also entered his house.

"Hinata?!" that called.


So, she wasn't here. Where can she be? Naruto thought to himself.

A crazy believed wormed its method into his mind.

'Could she be in ~ Sasuke's house?'

Naruto to be disgusted v himself in thinking this way, however he couldn't assist it. Maybe, Hinata was required into this by Sasuke. Naruto wasn't stupid. He i found it the stares Sasuke sent out Hinata sometimes. Naruto ran the end of his apartment and also headed come the Uchiha compound. The slowed under to a stop refusing to believe his eyes. Hinata, his girlfriend, to be laughing while she hugged Sasuke who had his own smile. Naruto's blood boiled and also rage and also jealousy took end reason. That walked towards Hinata and Sasuke that were now simply talking through Hinata doing most of the talking.

"Hinata." Naruto referred to as out refusing to let his emotion seep right into his voice, yet he knew they might tell what emotion he was right now feeling by just looking at his confront expression.

Hinata soon whirled approximately in surprise and also horror. Her horror heightened as she it was observed his challenge expression. Naruto was upset no he to be furious.

"Naruto, you're back." Hinata whispered.

"Yeah, I come early. For you. And I start to listen rumors about you and also Sasuke."

"Don't think them, dope. There all a bunch of lies." Sasuke reduced in v his eight crossed.

"Shut up!" Naruto yelled in ~ Sasuke.

Hinata flinched in both fright and also surprise.

"Naruto! He's right. The rumors aren't true. They're all simply lies and assumptions." Hinata tried to obtain through to Naruto.

Naruto wanted to believe what she stated was true however he couldn't.

"I think you and also I should not check out each other anymore. At least for now." Naruto stated as that walked far without looking back.

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He heard Hinata's crying, but he quiet didn't turn. Naruto didn't recognize why he to be doing this, but he couldn't believe her as soon as she said the rumors to be lies. After ~ all, that was just a issue of time before the beautiful princess left the peasant for the prince. That was every too good to be true. Naruto couldn't yet think the he made a large mistake together he gone into his residence to met through silence.

Yeah, it was ooc and I apologize, but I wanted to make it this way. Too prolong the moment but don't worry. I can't stay away from Naruhina for too long. Votes and comments are awesome.