I have this optical drive in mine laptop (hl dt st dvdram gue1n in device manager).Would this it is in compatible? It says that the one I have actually is 9.0 mm yet most that the ones you deserve to buy on amazon are 9.5mm...

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I have this optical journey in mine laptop (hl dt st dvdram gue1n in maker manager).Would this it is in compatible? It says that the one I have actually is 9.0 mm however most the the people you deserve to buy ~ above amazon room 9.5mm...

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> when my PC drops into sleep mode while linked to my monitor via display port the won’t recognize the video clip signal on wake up up. I don’t recognize what settings to readjust or if my cord is messed up. My solution is just plugging in my DVI and also it functions fine. Any type of tips?


> I have actually this optical journey in my laptop (hl dt st dvdram gue1n in an equipment manager).> would certainly this it is in compatible? It claims that the one I have is 9.0 mm but most the the persons you deserve to buy on amazon are 9.5mm...


> simply purchased the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum with 6 G keys and brown switches if that helps at all. I'm trying to assign "w + LShift" to my G6 crucial for Fortnite and i'm obtaining a many weird problems. > > because that example, without messing with any of the repeat settings I'd assume it would only press "w + LShift" once but it's a little bit random, I push it and also "w" come out, other times it simply does nothing, and sometimes that locks in as if i'm holding LShift however no w's space coming out. Weirdly enough, my G5 an essential is binded to "press an essential I, release crucial I" and that works totally fine. > > Edit: after a bit an ext testing, the G6 crucial is not working at all uneven I push it a lot. By pushing it 4 times conveniently > "w" is published once. I just tested the G6 crucial with "press an essential I, release an essential I" and also it works typically so it have to be a software program problem.

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> I have the Sennheiser GSP 300 headset. I was wonder if anybody had one and also knew of a good headphone stand for them, considering the headband is fairly wide. Thanks for any type of response.



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