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As Memorial work marks the unofficial start of summer, the is important to reflect ~ above the true definition of this holiday and what the is actually about- the brave men and women that sacrificed their lives for our country. Throughout America’s history, our troops have actually bravely answered the speak to of duty and also worked to do the world a better place. Ns was honored to spend part of this weekend v veterans and their families at the Myrtle beach Veterans facility Open allisonbrookephotography.com and also hear around their experiences serving our nation. The sacrifice of soldiers past and also present is what provides America the greatest country on Earth, and also as Elmer Davis when said, "This country will stay the floor of the complimentary only so lengthy as the is the residence of the brave."

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Beach Renourishment totally FundedBeaches follow me the grand Strand have actually suffered indigenous recent natural disasters. Over the past couple of years, my office has actually worked closely with federal and also local entities to secure $51 million in resources for beachfront repairs. This week, i was proud come announce the the military Corps of engineers allocated second $29 million to complete the Myrtle Beach shore Completion Project. This resources will keep our beautiful beaches prosperous and also support our travel industry! Read more »


Vote Notes: big Wins This WeekIt was a busy week in Washington- home Republicans passed major legislation on instead of of ours military, veterans, taxpayers and also community banks, and also terminally ok patients. We preserved a promise to our armed forces by passing the national Defense Authorization Act, which provides our military the training, equipment and support they need to be ready for any kind of threat they may face. It additionally gives ours troops a well-deserved pay raise! We ongoing our work-related to improve the lives of veterans by passing regulation that makes meaningful reforms come the department of Veterans Affairs and also ensures castle have accessibility to the quality care they have actually earned. Us repealed a substantial section of Dodd-Frank, easing regulation on community financial institutions that administer credit to tough working small businesses and taxpayers. We also passed Right-to-Try legislation, which provides terminally okay patients the opportunity to uncover a cure for their condition by improving access to speculative treatments.This legislation provides hope because that patients and also their families, and also I am happy come say the is ~ above the way to chairman Trump because that his signature!
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
Republicans have worked hard to acquire economies across the country going again, and also it is interesting to see how pro-growth polices room creating brand-new opportunities in the saturday District! This week, Marion county announced the their unemployment pallisonbrookephotography.com in April reached the lowest level in 30 years! l Additionally, Sunstrand, gmbh announced they space opening their doors in Florence, producing 42 brand-new jobs v an $8.4 million funding investment. Read much more »

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