You’ve ultimately got cost-free from Helis’ grasp, thanks to a specific someone, however what he said is lingering in your mind. Helis sent out troops to the east via orders to kill all of the Nora. Your destination is Mother’s Watch, but if you try to fast travel tright here, you’ll be told you can’t. In truth, rapid travelling to any campfire in the Embrace is prohibited for currently, so you should uncover one spot where you have the right to acquire to. Look for the Main Embrace Gate and use the campfire to the appropriate of it for rapid travel.

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Of course, you will see the trouble as shortly as you are able to relocate, as the Eclipse have actually been attacking not just their cronies, yet Corruptors and corrupted makers. In reality, it’s extremely feasible that you’ll discover a corrupted machine and also a Corruptor best by the Main Embrace Gate, so have your cause finger ready in case. As you make your means in the direction of Mother’s Watch, you will discover plenty of Eclipse and also corrupted devices in your way, but you don’t really should do anypoint through them if you don’t want.


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The Embrace will be overrun by corrupted makers (left), including Deathbringers (right).

Once you arrive at Mother’s Watch, tbelow will be 2 Corruptors and also Eclipse hanging out there. You must have the ability to pull the Corruptors amethod from the other enemies, although one may run ago or off to elsewhere. Take every one of the opponents dvery own, then continue up in the direction of All-Mother to find two more Eclipse and a Scrapper. They need to be relatively basic to kill and also at the optimal, a Corrupted Thunderjaw is waiting, along with more Eclipse. As soon as you attempt to assault it, a cutscene will certainly occur and a full scale battle will certainly start with the Nora and the Eclipse.

Someexactly how, you’re teleported close to the door that leads right into All-Mother and this fight is also simpler than normal Thunderjaws. Tbelow are 2 factors for this, one being that corrupted makers are weak to fire. The various other factor is that for some odd reason, the Thunderjaw often tends to stay amethod from trying to melee you, particularly if you stick close to the campfire, which is indestructible. The first point you need to perform is use Tearblast Arrows to knock off the disc launchers, as they are most likely the only point that have the right to hit you while hiding behind the campfire.

So, pelt the Thunderjaw with fire arrows after the disc launchers are off, while likewise chipping ameans with precision arrows. When the thing is finally done, clean up any staying Eclipse that can still be alive, then talk to Varl prior to heading inside of the hill. If you didn’t obtain the Power Cell for the Old Armory sidequest on your first visit right here, you can now enter this area unlimited and grab it now. When you’re all set to continue, head to the main room and also sheight with Teersa. After a tiny little of a plot allude and an option concerning Lansra, you’ll be inside of All-Mother.

Inside All-Mother¶

After going with the first door and dvery own some stairs, look beside those exceptionally same stairs to uncover a Stranded Figure . Head down the hallmethod and also into the initially room you find, to acquire 2 Datapoints - Chamber B1-001 and also . Back in the major hallmethod, there will certainly be one more Dataallude ( E9B1 Incident Log A ) prior to the following room, as well as an additional inside of the room named . Even additionally dvery own the main hallways will be even more Datapoints - , E9B1 Incident Log B , E9B1 Incident Log C , E9B1 Incident Log D , and also . At the finish of the hallmethod, push Triangle to activate a scan that opens the next door.

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You will certainly currently be in a huge circular room, with multiple levels and also what look prefer multiple Datapoints. As you will certainly soon find out, all of the Dataallude marks on your radar are the same precise one, Welcome to the Lyceum , every one of which are corrupt and also only play a few seconds. You only must check out one to note it in your Notebook, so you have the right to safely overlook the rest if you desire. To proceed, from wright here you entered the room, go down both flights of stairs and also up the other two opposite of you. Enter the room and scan the Operations Log Datapoint by the window, then the various other one ( Gaia’s Dying Plea ) in the middle of the room to learn some even more story.