We’re going earlier to the basics v this post and tackling a concern we check out a lot: what is a heaviness feed smoker? As equipments of the best gravity feeding smoker around, we feel an especially qualified to answer this one, so keep analysis for a rapid guide to what gravity cigarette smoking is and how that works.

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Gravity smoking cigarettes 101

When friend hear words “gravity,” you more than likely think about the thing that keeps united state on the ground rather of floating up right into space. And while it’s not the precise same ide when you apply it to smoking, there room some similarities.

Gravity smokers put gravity to work-related in a various way, instantly meting the end charcoal heat to store temperatures regulated without the require for continuous babysitting. We choose to think of it choose a “set it and forget it” smoker, since it does all of the hard work the temperature regulation and smoke and also moisture circulation because that you if you focus on various other things. This function makes gravity feed smokers one ideal selection on the competition circuit, and a top pick for home enthusiasts.


How does a gravity Feed Smoker Work?

Okay, so currently you know what it does, but how does a heaviness feed smoker work-related in the an initial place? Well, it’s a little bit of science combined with a lot of ingenuity, and it look at a small something like this:

Gravity feeding smokers have a coal chute (also referred to as a hopper) that is fill with enough charcoal to critical throughout the burn, though depending upon how long you’re plan to run it you may need to replace the contents of the chute at the very least once. High-end gravity smokers prefer ours have the right to burn because that as lengthy as 16 hours at a time, and also require about one half pound come one lb of charcoal because that hour. You have the right to use lump charcoal or briquettes, and also you can even mix that up v wood chunks too to add an ext depth that flavor.

Other than the chamber where the cigarette smoking itself happens, another key feature that the heaviness feed smoker is the firebox. This is where the magic happens, through heat and smoke moved from hopper to the bottom the the chef chamber, where they climb evenly and also upwards to cook the meat. This bottom-up smoking an approach helps circulate warm in a regulated motion, in turn ensuring that heat stays consistent throughout the chef time.

While not all heaviness feed smokers feature it, we prefer to incorporate a water pan together well. This adds one more controlled element to the smoke that helps counter the heat. It likewise brings more moisture into the equation, which results in much more tender meat. There room a couple of other notable attributes as well, including the choice for an internal, built-in temperature probe and also an exhaust chimney v a damper to stop condensation from dripping on to your food.

What do you acquire when every one of these attributes come together? A extremely effective, extremely automated smoking cigarettes process—and most importantly, the world’s best barbecue.

Want much better BBQ? include Some Gravity

At Myron Mixon Smokers, us firmly think that there’s more to impressive barbecue than simply some heat and some meat. Our heaviness feed smoker is designed to carry out more, v every minute that cook-time optimized because that a important delicious finish product.

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If you desire to learn an ext about exactly how it all works, reach the end to ours team by call or email, or come visit united state in person. Fine be glad to go you with even more of the specifically, of exactly how the gravity feed smoker works, and also to walk over the differences between our six gravity feed smoker options.