How long does it take to get a marriage eco-friendly card?

The current complete wait time for a marriage-based eco-friendly card arrays between 9 come 36 months, depending upon whether you room married come a U.S. Citizens or environment-friendly card holder and where you at this time live (not including feasible delays).

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Here’s just how long it typically takes to obtain a marriage environment-friendly card:

If your spouse is a…And you at this time live…Then you will wait about…
U.S. CitizenIn the U.S.14-28 months
Abroad 17-24 months
U.S. Green card holderIn the U.S. 22-36 months
Abroad15-23 months

Keep analysis to find out which processing time applies to her own marriage-based environment-friendly card application.

For applicants life in the united States, likewise has an ext information around green card handling times by location and also travel and work permit handling delays. helps you acquire your applications done faster.

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right now Living in the U.S.

Spouse seeking a environment-friendly card stays in the U.S. And also is married come a U.S. Citizen

Total estimated time: 9-13 months (full details here) takes all the compelled government creates for her situation and also turns them into straightforward questions you deserve to answer online in under two hours. gain started today.

Spouse seeking a eco-friendly card lives in the U.S. And also is married come a U.S. Green card holder

Total approximated time: 22-36 month (full details here)

* Excludes California and Vermont ar offices, both the which are experiencing much longer than mean wait times.

**Excludes Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn, NY; new York City, NY; and also Queens, NY, every one of which are experiencing much longer than median wait times.

With, you get an skilled independent attorney to review all of your materials and also answer her questions. all set to start?

currently Living Abroad

Spouse seeking a environment-friendly card lives abroad and also is married to a U.S. Citizen

Total estimated time: 10-15 months (full details here)

Spouse seek a green card stays abroad and is married to a U.S. Green card holder

Total estimated time: 10-15 months (full details here)

* Excludes California and also Vermont field offices, both of which room experiencing much longer than typical wait times.

With, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. See just how we assist you. — for people who want the expertiseof an immigration lawyer, not the price tag.

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