It"s a 10 mile, city/highway commute. Ambient temperature


EvanR wrote: always check tire pressure cold.I remember together I"m obtaining home from job-related that I"m way behind in check tires.It"s a 10 mile, city/highway commute. Ambient temperature

I dunno, stick a thermometer in her tire? What is the preeminence of thumb, around 1 psi every 10 levels F off every little thing "cold" means? I more than likely made that up. Purchase a brand-new car through TPMS. Protect against trying to use your brain.

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wait one hour and also they must be lot of cold.

If the engine has had actually time come cool down, then the tires will have actually as well.

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if the sun is still shinning save in mind that the tires in the sun will read greater than those in the shade.... Many accurate would certainly be an initial thing in the morning


We talked around this in chemistry. Typically, the pressure won"t differ too lot to matter. In the cold it might be different. The gauge people usually usage isn"t all that accurate. Discovering this, i still examine the press often. Hey, I"m a car guy.

even if my gage isn"t exact I number it"s at the very least repeatable.... For this reason if I uncover a press where the car handles ideal I can constantly return to that number ... And also I"ve watched as lot as 4 - 5 lbs different between the sun side and also the the shade side.... ( tires were filled in ~ dusk the night before and checked before leaving in ~ o-dark-30 the following morning)

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