It"s a 10 mile, city/highmethod commute. Ambient temperatures


EvanR wrote: Always check tire pressure cold.I remember as I"m obtaining house from work that I"m method behind in checking tires.It"s a 10 mile, city/highway commute. Ambient temperatures

I dunno, stick a thermometer in your tire? What is the dominion of thumb, about 1 psi per 10 degrees F off whatever before "cold" means? I more than likely made that up. Buy a brand-new automobile through TPMS. Sheight trying to use your brain.

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wait an hour and they should be plenty cold.

If the engine has had actually time to cool dvery own, then the tires will have actually too.

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if the sun is still shinning store in mind that the tires in the sun will check out higher than those in the shade.... most exact would certainly be initially point in the morning


We talked about this in chemisattempt. Usually, the press will not vary too much to issue. In the cold it could be different. The gauge world commonly usage isn"t all that specific. Knowing this, I still examine the pressure regularly. Hey, I"m a auto man.

even if my gage isn"t precise I number it"s at leastern repeatable.... so if I discover a pressure wright here the vehicle handles best I can constantly go back to that number ... and also I"ve seen as much as 4 - 5 lbs different between the sun side and the shade side.... ( tires were filled at dusk the night prior to and also checked before leaving at o-dark-30 the next morning)

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