Are sculptured nails better than TIPS?

There space a couple of differnce in between them to pertained to a decision.

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Tips space glued on v a slim layer the glue and also look much less natural and also eventually rest off. Sculping ~ above the other hand, requires using nail type to develop an extension.

Sculping looks much more natural in comparison to tip. Tip leaves a gab between the fake nail and your genuine nail that water can acquire under.This will certainly not be an concern if girlfriend used difficult gel, but that is the downside of acrylic nail.

Tips produce a strong extended pond for world who have quick nails. If you have struggle farming your nail, then getting a tip is a an excellent idea. Scupling top top the various other hand additionally helps friend create strong extended nail.

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Sculping nail are made be perfect fit because that you, thin v nice C-curved, this adds much more strenght. Top top the various other hands, acrylic nails are much more chunky.