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Two years ago I to be lucky enough to shoot a buck and also a doe that were both large bodied deer. Critical year i did not obtain a deer. I am the only one the eats the wild in our house so that goes slowly. Ns still have actually a 20-25 pounds of floor venison and also a few steaks in the freezer from two years ago. I haven"t made any kind of in around 3 months. Will this stay good as long as it is frozen? will it keep its regular flavor?

Eat it and find out.I vacuum seal mine... Lasts because that years. Just had 2 year old strap critical week. Excellent.

I recently cooked steaks and a roast native a pretty large bull indigenous 2013 and the flavor and texture to be awesome.If the meat is sealed well, I"d say 5 year is the limit.

Mine is no vacuum sealed. However I think I just need to cook some up and see how it is. Many thanks for the input guys.

I"ve eaten some the was simply in a grocery store bag and thrown in the freezer after ~ a couple years. Was still fine! but yeah, only one method to uncover out!
It really relies on how tightly it is packaged or wrapped.. Any type of airspace will begin to create freezer burn in those spots, yet in most situations it"s minimal and can be trimmed off before cooking. Ns have consumed 2yr old venison plenty of times and had to carry out a tiny trimming as soon as in a if too. No large deal.
As lengthy as that isn"t freezer burned, it"s going to it is in good.If that is freezer shed in places, cut it out prior to you thaw it. Once thawed, it"s not as evident where the burned spots are.
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Just emptied all mine older version into a huge batch the chili, ground and some deer heart, awesome. I vacuum seal mine come so the lasts a long time...
I shot to eat all my ingredient up in a year however that is an ext because I want room in the freezer and also an forgive to walk shoot much more deer. Ns think it will last a lot of longer. I used to be really cautious with meat and I still am however after act some examining on it i think i was way over the optimal on stuff that I would certainly eat. Steven Rinnella will certainly eat just around anything.
We have a Halloween Party/Chili Cook-Off at job-related every year. Any kind of game that"s tho in the freezer from the ahead season it s okay put right into a pot that "RoadKill Chili" to do room for this year"s deer. I"ve won the Chili Cook-Off 11 out of the 13 year I"ve to be participating.FYI - If you are going to offer deer/rabbit/squirrel come co-workers (especially below in NJ) It"s a LOT less drama if friend tell castle what they"re eating prior to they eat it. Asking me just how I know!!!!
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If preserved frozen and not freezer burned it"s an excellent for a long time. I"ve eaten 3-4yr old venison that"d to be hiding in the freezer and it was just as great as this years meat. If you execute take a while to obtain through a deer I would certainly recommend a vacuum sealer. Really does a great job of preventing freezer burn and keeping the meat from acquisition on any type of other funky seasonings from things next to it. Additionally makes the meat simpler to thaw out, simply throw the pouch in the sink and also fill it up with water.
Cook it and also see. It no hurt you, just wont taste good. I will pile of the vacuum sealer bandwagon though, the is certainly worth it.
I have actually one and also use that also. Various other stuff I deserve to as well. FWIW top top an illustration of meat eater Rinella made a allude that consistent freezer file works just too if that is covering well and also proper.
I think 2 years to be as lengthy as I have actually tried. Its normally eaten each year yet sometimes you discover a shed package at the bottom the the freezer but we vacuum seal all the meat so the will most likely last much longer than 2 years. At time (when we have actually a most meat) we twin vacuum seal the to insurance its walk to be a good as the day it was frozen. The bags are cheap once you buy bulk rolls.
I"ve consumed up to 4 year old. It counts on how it to be stored. With how I parcel I"m i was sure in saying I could go 6 year if ns wanted. 2 would be the preferably a deer would certainly last in mine freezer. We eat it
I just cooked up a item of backstrap native 2014 the was simply in a ziplock bag... I discovered it hidden in among the freezers and also it to be fine. Looked to it is in a tiny bit freezer melted but I just cooked it all up. Walk anyone understand what type of turn off taste you can get from freezer burn? it didn"t seem to impact it to me.

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Grilled up some backstrap end the weekend, and found one native "14 the I had missed. I don"t vacuum seal, but tightly wrap in plastic wrap then freezer paper. Couldn"t call the difference between the "14 strap and also last years.
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