Where to discover Xur in Destiny 2 - February 15, 2019

A watch at whereby to uncover Xur and what Exotic items he has up because that sale this week in Destiny 2.


If you freshly picked increase a copy of metro Exodus, you might be wondering just how long it’ll take you come beat the game. Noticeably longer than its precursors (Metro 2033 and Metro: last Light), metro Exodus includes a meatier project with a solid amount of story progression. What’s more, the scale of the game is bigger with an ext areas come explore, and an ext activities accessible in those areas.

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Wondering exactly how long it’ll take it you to obtain through everything? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a fast guide on how long it’ll take you to beat subway Exodus.

How lengthy to Beat subway Exodus

It"ll take it you roughly 15 to 40 hours to complete Metro Exodus depending on how you intend to pat the game.© 4A Games

The lot of time it’ll take it you to beat subway Exodus greatly depends on her playstyle and what you intended to do in the game. Based off beforehand reviews of the game, metro Exodus can be perfect in everywhere from 15 to 40 hours. If you plan to breeze with the story and also skip cutscenes in donate of exploration, metro Exodus will certainly occupy approximately 15 hrs of her time.

Meanwhile, if you’re someone that plays a video game to 100% completion, it have the right to take upwards of 40 hrs to acquire through every one of the content accessible in metro Exodus. Addressing the game’s length, Deep Silver’s Head of worldwide Brand Manallisonbrookephotography.comement, Huw Beynon, called GamesTM:

“We’re looking at a full playtime the both previous games combined. In terms of geographical footprint, as we have actually moved to these more open areas, we deserve to fit pretty lot the entirety of the an initial two games (in terms of footprint) right into just one of our huge levels. The critical two games came in at around 12GB each, and we’re struggling come fit metro Exodus top top a single Blu-ray.”

The Microsoft save lists subway Exodus as a 53.45GB download while the PlayStation store lists metro Exodus together a 48.58GB download, do the game much larger than the previous two entries in the metro series. Based upon our personal experience, the took almost 30 hours for us to complete Metro Exodus. Note that we didn’t skip through any kind of cutscenes, and also we invested a same amount that time exploring. Allisonbrookephotography.comain, the time it’ll take it you come beat metro Exodus relies on just how you intended to play, despite you should expect a perfect time between 15 and also 40 hours.

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Metro Exodus is $59.99 and obtainable on playstations 4, Xbox One, and also Windows PC. For more on metro Exodus, be sure to check out several of our previous functions including information on the metro Exodus bundle because that Xbox One X, the weapons and also mods you have the right to expect from subway Exodus, and how to victory the Artyom custom Edition of subway Exodus.