You have to always leave the 30-volume bleach in your hair for a maximum of 20 minutes.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to go from babsence to blonde hair or from light brown to light blonde. The expocertain time of the 30-volume bleach cannot exceed 20 minutes. If your hair doesn’t lighten to your intended shade those twenty minutes, you’ll have to bleach it aobtain in 3 weeks. If you leave the developer in for much longer, you’ll burn your hair fiber, and it’ll eventually break.


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Unfortunately, many thanks to the “misinformation” on the internet these days, I’m gaining even more and also more work-related at the hairdresser’s eexceptionally day.

Why carry out I say “unfortunately”?

30% of the situations are world who made a decision to bleach their hair at home. However before, the just thing they achieved was to burn their hair.

When that happens, believe me, the just solution is scissors. I have to cut the damaged bleached hair as much as 15 centimeters occasionally.

You have to understand!

Bleaching is a really aggressive chemical procedure for hair.

If you want to bleach your hair properly and also safely, you should have actually it done by a trained expert.

For instance, among the things approximately the internet universe is that “the specific time you have to let the 30-volume bleach on counts on your goal and also your herbal hair color“. That’s a lie.

Regardless of your goal, your base color, and the color you desire to achieve, you need to always leave the bleach on for a MAXIMUM OF 20 MINUTES.


The last straw that made me shiver wregarding find this statement: “If you desire to go from babsence to blonde hair, you should leave the bleach on for a maximum of 40 minutes“.



No one goes from black hair to blonde in thirty minutes. No one who wants to store some of their hair on their head.

So, you have actually two ways:
Leave the 30-volume bleach in the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes checking minute by minute the reaction. believe a hairdresser who works on coloring methods for years. Leave the bleach on as lengthy as recommfinished by people that can’t tell the distinction in between human hair and horsehair. My apologies to horses.

What do you decide; execute you require even more indevelopment to decide?

Then, let’s start at the start.

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How does the 30-volume bleach works on your hair?


You shouldn’t leave the mixture on your hair for more than twenty minutes if you desire to store it.

It isn’t my creation or that of a strict hairdresser. It’s ssuggest a issue of chemistry.

You most likely intfinish to bleach your hair. And bleaching provides 2 chemical elements:
Bleach powder or ammonia 30-volume developer or hydrogen peroxide
How carry out these chemicals work?


The 30-volume developer opens up your cuticles, which are tiny flakes lodged in your hair fiber, for the bleaching powder to permeate to the core and push out all the pigmentation. That chemical reaction geneprices heat.

Because of this, the hair becomes incredibly dry. The heat reasons the evaporation of the hair’s herbal moisture.

That procedure lasts the renowned 20 minutes.

From the moment you end up applying the mixture, the clock starts ticking.

After 20 minutes, the bleach will no longer be solid enough to reason the chemical reaction that lightens the hair. Still, it’ll be strong enough to damages and burn it.


When hair loses its organic moisture, it automatically starts to absorb any product you apply to it. It doesn’t distinguish in between excellent and poor.

Do you understand?

From the 2first minute onwards, your hair starts a lengthy road of no rerevolve. It’s the road of breakage, break-up ends, dryness, and frizz.

Your hair won’t gain lighter also if you leave the bleach on for more than 20 minutes. Nor will certainly you have the ability to lighten your black hair to platinum blonde. You’ll just have the ability to lighten your hair progressively up to 3 or 4 shades at each bleaching session.

The expocertain time of the bleach will always be a maximum of 20 minutes in each of those sessions.


It’s crystal clear.

To make it also clearer, I’ll tell you some keys to additionally defend your hair from the bleach activity. The principle is for the damages to be as little bit as feasible throughout those twenty minutes.

How to use the 30-volume bleach correctly on your hair


Now that you’re clear around exposure times and also how bleach works on your hair, right here are my valuable additional tips.


The scalp produces sebum during that time, which is a natural protector of hair fiber.
When preparing the bleaching mixture, include a couple of drops of coconut oil.

It adds additional defense to your hair and also won’t interfere with the bleaching procedure.


What happens if it didn’t lighten your hair to the shade you want?


You’ll need to bleach your hair again.

You can bleach your hair every three weeks. In the meantime, I advise you to deeply moisturize your hair.

You have the right to use coconut oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil. You deserve to additionally apply masks through shea butter or hydrolyzed proteins.

Choose the one you like ideal, but don’t forget to moisturize your hair


Do you want to know what shade you deserve to attain according to the number of sessions and also the base shade of your hair?

Very dark hair to achieve dark tones: 1 or 2 bleaching sessions Dark hair to attain tool tones: 2 or 3 bleaching sessions Medium hair to attain light tones: 3 or 4 bleaching sessions Light hair to achieve very light tones: 1 or 2 bleaching sessions

In various other words, if you want to achieve a very light blonde from black hair, you’ll need between 8 and 9 sessions.

So, where are those thirty minutes that many kind of civilization are talking about?


The 30-volume bleach has to be on the hair for a maximum of twenty minutes. It doesn’t matter what base shade you begin with or what shade you desire to attain.

If you leave it on longer, your hair won’t resist the effective chemical reaction. It’ll burn and also break.

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Having sassist that, now it’s up to you. It’s your hair and also your alternative.

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