You should constantly leave the 30-volume bleach in her hair because that a best of 20 minutes.

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It doesn’t issue if you desire to go from black color to blonde hair or from light brown to light blonde. The exposure time that the 30-volume bleach can not exceed 20 minutes. If your hair no lighten to your intended shade those twenty minutes, you’ll need to bleach that again in 3 weeks. If you leaving the developer in for longer, you’ll burn her hair fiber, and also it’ll eventually break.


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Unfortunately, thanks to the “misinformation” top top the web these days, I’m getting much more and more work at the hairdresser’s every day.

Why do I say “unfortunately”?

30% that the situations are civilization who decided to bleach your hair in ~ home. However, the only thing they achieved was come burn your hair.

When the happens, believe me, the only solution is scissors. I have actually to reduced the damaged bleached hair as much as 15 centimeters sometimes.

You must understand!

Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical procedure for hair.

If you desire to bleach her hair correctly and safely, you should have actually it done by a trained professional.

For example, among the things roughly the web universe is that “the precise time you have to let the 30-volume bleach on relies on your goal and your natural hair color“. That’s a lie.

Regardless of her goal, her base color, and the color you want to achieve, girlfriend should constantly leave the bleach on because that a maximum OF 20 MINUTES.


The last straw that made me shiver was to find this statement: “If you desire to walk from black color to blonde hair, you have to leave the bleach on because that a preferably of 40 minutes“.

THAT’S NOT just A LIE, yet IT’S additionally A penalty TO your HAIR.


No one goes from black hair come blonde in thirty minutes. No one who wants to keep few of their hair on your head.

So, you have two ways:
leaving the 30-volume bleach in the hair for a best of 20 minutes checking minute by minute the reaction. Think a hairdresser that works on coloring methods for years. Leaving the bleach on as long as encourage by human being who can’t phone call the difference between human hair and also horsehair. Mine apologies to horses.

What execute you decide; execute you need much more information come decide?

Then, let’s begin at the beginning.

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How walk the 30-volume bleach functions on her hair?


You shouldn’t leave the mixture on your hair for more than twenty minutes if you want to keep it.

It isn’t my development or the of a strict hairdresser. It’s just a issue of chemistry.

You more than likely intend to bleach your hair. And also bleaching offers two chemical elements:
Bleach powder or ammonia 30-volume developer or hydrogen peroxide
How perform these chemicals work?


The 30-volume developer opens your cuticles, which space tiny flakes lodged in your hair fiber, for the bleaching flour to pass through to the core and push out all the pigmentation. That chemical reaction generates heat.

Therefore, the hair becomes extremely dry. The heat causes the evaporation the the hair’s herbal moisture.

That procedure lasts the famed 20 minutes.

From the minute you finish applying the mixture, the clock start ticking.

After 20 minutes, the bleach will no longer be strong enough to reason the chemistry reaction the lightens the hair. Still, it’ll be strong enough come damage and burn it.


When hair loser its herbal moisture, it automatically starts to absorb any type of product you use to it. It doesn’t differentiate between great and bad.

Do friend understand?

From the 21st minute onwards, her hair beginning a long road of no return. That the road of breakage, break-up ends, dryness, and frizz.

Your hair won’t gain lighter even if you leaving the bleach ~ above for much more than 20 minutes. Nor will certainly you have the ability to lighten your black color hair to platinum blonde. You’ll only be able to lighten her hair gradually up come 3 or 4 shades at every bleaching session.

The exposure time that the bleach will always be a preferably of 20 minute in every of those sessions.


It’s crystal clear.

To make it also clearer, I’ll tell girlfriend some keys to further safeguard your hair from the bleach action. The idea is for the damage to it is in as tiny as feasible during those twenty minutes.

How to usage the 30-volume bleach properly on your hair


Now that you’re clear around exposure times and how bleach functions on her hair, here are my helpful extra tips.


The scalp produce sebum during that time, i beg your pardon is a natural protector that hair fiber.
once preparing the bleaching mixture, include a few drops that coconut oil.

It adds extra security to your hair and also won’t interfere v the bleaching process.

and the most important part, LEAVE THE BLEACH top top FOR as much as 20 minutes CHECKING THE REACTION EVERY 5 MINUTES.

What happens if it didn’t lighten your hair come the shade you want?


You’ll need to bleach her hair again.

You have the right to bleach your hair every 3 weeks. In the meantime, I recommend you to deep moisturize your hair.

You can use coconut oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil. You can likewise apply masks through shea butter or hydrolyzed proteins.

Choose the one you favor best, but don’t forget to moisturize her hair


Do you want to know what shade you can attain according come the number of sessions and also the base color of her hair?

very dark hair to accomplish dark tones: 1 or 2 bleaching sessions Dark hair to accomplish medium tones: 2 or 3 bleaching sessions medium hair to accomplish light tones: 3 or 4 bleaching sessions light hair come achieve an extremely light tones: 1 or 2 bleaching sessions

In other words, if you desire to attain a an extremely light blonde from black color hair, you will do it need between 8 and 9 sessions.

So, where space those thirty minutes that many world are talking about?


The 30-volume bleach needs to be ~ above the hair because that a maximum of twenty minutes. The doesn’t matter what base color you begin with or what shade you want to achieve.

If you leaving it ~ above longer, your hair won’t stand up to the powerful chemical reaction. It’ll burn and also break.

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Having said that, currently it’s approximately you. It’s your hair and also your choice.

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